Species Description Number Of Characters
Bear Bears can get very big up north 1
Cat Like a dog, only incapable of love 1
Children of the Forest Before the First Men arrived in Westeros, these magical elves were the dominant species. There are only a few left and all live north of The Wall 1
Direwolf A really, really big wolf. The sigil of House Stark 6
Dragon A flying, fire breathing lizard with a taste for eating people 3
Giant Like us, you know, only... bigger 2
Hound A hunting dog. Deep down he's just a pup though. 1
Human You know, like us. 145
White Walker Ice Demon Wizards who have raised the dead and are marching on the Wall, only known weaknesses are dragon glass and Valyrian steel 2
Wight The walking dead. They fight too. 1