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    August 13, 2017

04:06 Rescues Jaime from drowning
04:07 Bronn saved his life
04:30 His army has been routed by Daenerys' forces
04:56 "Listen to me, cunt"
05:04 "Only I get to kill you"
05:19 "Dragons are where our partnership ends"
05:35 "May as well jump back in that Blackwater"
06:54 She has defeated the Lannister army and captured the survivors
07:07 "That's Cersei Lannister, not me"
07:38 "Bend the knee or die"
07:38 Several Archmaesters are present
07:38 "Bend the knee, or die"
07:49 Roars at the Lannister prisoners, prompting many to bend the knee
07:49 Not intimidated by Drogon
07:49 Not intimidated by Drogon
08:02 "Step forward, my lord"
08:16 "I already have a Queen"
08:21 "She wasn't your queen until recently, though, was she?"
08:29 "So it appears your allegiance is somewhat flexible"
08:29 "Murdered her rightful Queen and destroyed House Tyrell for all time"
08:40 "Say what you will... she was born in Westeros, lived here all her life"
08:48 "You on the other hand, murdered your own father"
08:58 "No ties to this land, with an army of savages at her back"
09:08 "Perhaps he could take the Black, your Grace"
09:18 "You cannot send me to the Wall, you are not my queen"
09:25 "You will not trade your honor for your life, I respect that"
09:31 Brings Lord Tarly over to Drogon
09:33 "You will have to kill me too"
09:34 "Step back and shut your mouth"
09:51 "You are the future of your house... bend the knee"
10:01 "I will not"
10:23 She is not listening to his advice anymore
10:31 "I'm not beheading anyone"
10:53 Holds his son while they await their deaths
11:14 "Dracarys"
11:37 All the remaining prisoners have chosen to bend the knee after the Tarlys were burned alive
11:53 Extinguished an ancient house without considering alternatives
12:26 She needs a new army
12:42 Tries to describe the ferocity of the Dothraki, doesn't believe any army could defeat them in the field
13:11 Sarcastically asks how peace negotiations would go after Daenerys' victory on the field of fire
13:33 Does the honorable thing and absolves his brother for the murder of Joffrey by telling Cersei about Olenna's deathbed confession
14:15 Regrets listening to Jaime and wishes she had sentenced Olenna to a more violent death
14:28 "So we fight and die or submit and die. I know my choice"
14:33 "A soldier should know his"
15:08 Doesn't show fear when Drogon approaches him
15:36 Touches Drogon
16:15 Smells Jon's Targaryen blood
16:42 "Wasn't the word I was thinking of"
17:10 "And I have fewer enemies today than I did yesterday"
17:30 "We both want to help people. We can only help them from a position of strength. Sometimes strength is terrible"
18:00 Returned to his Queen's service after being cured of Grey Scale
18:16 "He is my friend"/"You look strong"
18:20 "Your father was a great man"
18:53 Jorah finally got the hug he's been waiting 3 seasons for
18:59 Wargs into a flock of ravens to scout beyond the Wall
20:14 Recognizes the ravens as Bran's wargs and causes them to scatter
20:23 "We need to send ravens"
20:38 "A little timid, but a sharp mind"
20:45 Insults Northerners as soft in the head due to the cold, drinking, and company
21:26 Describes what Bran survived beyond the Wall, thinks they should consider his message
21:27 Threatens Sam with additional transcribing work as punishment for his interruption
21:32 "I sense a more detailed proposal is forthcoming?"
21:50 Describes how the Maesters should tell the lords of the Southron kingdoms to send their men to man the Wall. If the Maesters say it, the people will believe them.
21:50 Begins his speech with flattery to make them more amenable to his proposal
22:36 He listened to what Sam had to say and considered it before going with what he considered to be a more logical conclusion in his mind that this is a ploy by Daenerys
22:36 Did not listen to what Sam had to say, immediately kissed Ebrose's ass after his potential explanation
23:22 Hasn't told Sam about his father and brother's passing out of misguided affection
23:47 2nd Drink
23:47 "Not burn him alive alongside his son?"
23:57 3rd Drink
24:02 "I was only a purveyor of information... I wasn't burning them alive"
24:27 2nd Drink
24:34 Empties the goblet
24:48 "You need to find a way to make her listen"
24:57 "It's a sealed scroll for the King in the North"
25:02 "What's it say?"
25:08 "Nothing good"
25:28 Learns the Army of the Dead is approaching Eastwatch by the Sea
25:28 Learns his siblings are still alive
26:08 Bring the dead to Cersei
26:42 It would be impossible to guarantee their safety on the off chance Cersei even granted them an audience
26:50 Cersei only listens to Jaime, so he needs to meet with Jaime and convince hiim
27:04 Offers to smuggle Tyrion into Kings Landing but can't protect him if he's recognized
27:04 "I'm not a fighter"
27:17 Offers to go beyond the wall to capture a wight for Daenerys
27:23 Wants to serve his Queen
27:33 "They won't follow Ser Jorah" in regards to the Free Folk
27:47 Insists his duties as King in the North mean he should stay south of the Wall and return to Winterfell
27:47 Intends to lead the expedition north of the Wall
28:00 "With respect your Grace, I don't need your permission"
28:30 "Trust in a stranger because it's our best chance"
29:01 "We did not choose you... but perhaps we should have"
29:01 "We did not choose you... but perhaps we should have" (instead of Jon)
29:06 "The Knights of the Vale came here for you, Lady Stark"
29:20 Defends Jon in front of his vassals
29:40 "He didn't, he trusted you to hold it for him."
29:40 "Can't expect to leave the North and it to sit like Ghost"
30:01 Speech about how Sansa had secretly always wanted power
30:32 Explains that the opinions of Royce and Glover are important because of how many men they contribute to Jon's army
30:38 "Not if they lose their heads first"
30:52 "Cutting off heads is very satisfying but that's not the way you get people to work together"
31:15 "You're thinking it right now" - accusing Sansa of conspiring against Jon
31:30 Internally knows she's thinking of power and not Jon's good
31:38 "Last time I was hear I killed my father..."
31:39 "Last time I was hear you killed my Son" and somehow not in an insulting way
32:26 "Then we're f*cked! best hurry"
32:45 "All the more reason to train!"
32:55 Coerced him falsely to train in the dragon bone pit
33:18 Praises his battle plan for defeating him
33:30 "If I ever saw you again I'd cut you in half"
33:34 "It'll take you a while with a sparring sword"
34:00 Daenerys will win the war
35:10 Discovers his rescue of Gendry was successful and he is safe and happy as a smith
35:36 "Thought you might still be rowing"
36:00 "Nothing f*cks you harder than Lannisters"
36:45 Ready to up and go to anything to avoid arming lannisters
37:40 Never lost his smuggler's charm
38:30 "Fermented Crab"
39:10 "You'll put a hole in that chain mail!"
39:53 "Fish hook. Some men you just can't teach"
40:03 Sneak attack!
40:05 He works that hammer good!
42:24 Learns that he has fathered another son... and this one he doesn't have to hide
42:58 Kiss
43:06 With the news of the baby (which she could be lying about...) she has given Jaime new cause to be loyal to her and thus prevented him coming to his senses
44:07 "You're a lot leaner"
44:08 "You're a lot shorter!"
45:07 "I can't wait out this war"
45:16 "Nobody mind me. All I've ever done is lived to a ripe old age"
45:38 "Nobody glowers quite like you"
46:06 "Our queen needs you"
46:28 Kiss on the hands
46:48 She's grown used to the King in the North
48:00 Defines the term "annulment" for her
48:44 "Steps. That number was the steps."
48:56 Adorable as ever
49:16 Breaks into the vaults (again) and steals a bunch of books (again)
50:24 Puts aside his Maester dreams for the good of humankind
52:27 Leads Arya to Sansa's letter on purpose
54:50 "Isn't it your job to talk him out of stupid fucking ideas like this?"
54:50 Says his idea is "fucking stupid"
54:55 "I've been failing at that job as of late"
55:32 Agrees that Davos is a liability
56:20 "Don't trust him."
56:22 "Don't trust any of them."
56:23 The Hound shouldn't be trusted either because he's part of the Brotherhood now
56:50 "I haven't been feeling like myself."
56:55 "You're a fucking Mormont?"
57:03 "You returned the favor as I recall"
57:35 "For fuck's sake, will you shut your hole?"
57:45 "Is it worse than sitting in a freezing cell, waiting to die?"
57:57 Executive decision that past qualms don't matter; it's the living vs. the dead
58:05 Freed from cell
58:05 Freed from cell
58:05 Freed from cell
58:38 Swigs one for the road
58:46 Heads out from the Eastwatch gate North of the Wall
58:47 Heads out from the Eastwatch gate North of the Wall
58:48 Heads out from the Eastwatch gate North of the Wall
58:48 Heads out from the Eastwatch gate North of the Wall
58:49 Heads out from the Eastwatch gate North of the Wall
58:49 Heads out from the Eastwatch gate North of the Wall
58:50 Heads out from the Eastwatch gate North of the Wall