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    July 23, 2017

05:29 Describes the state of Cersei's affairs
05:29 Things are looking good for Dany
05:32 psyches them out by quoting Viserys, and says he's stupid
05:51 "You're not here to be queen of the ashes" and further advice
06:16 "I never properly thanked you"
06:20 "They believed in you"
06:35 Calls Varys' honor into question (and rightly so)
07:00 Comes to Varys' defense because he believes he is good and just
07:16 Uncovered a flaw in Varys' strategy (Viserys would have sucked)
07:30 Continues to berate Varys for playing along with her assassination
08:10 Brutally honest, to his credit. Won't give blind allegiance - will die instead.
09:10 Commands Varys to swear to her honesty
09:15 Threatens to burn him alive
09:22 Swears to his queen
09:40 "I would expect nothing less from the mother of dragons"
10:12 "It is an honor to meet the breaker of chains"
10:18 Thanks the red priest order
10:43 "We've just decided to pardon those who once served the wrong king"
11:20 Corrects Dany's translation
11:26 "Doesn't really roll off the tongue"
12:13 Jon Snow sounds like quite a man
12:15 "Summon Jon Snow"
12:35 "I like Jon Snow"
12:39 Jon Snow would make a valuable ally
12:57 Orders Tyrion to send a raven north
13:03 "And bend the knee"
13:20 It could be a trap
13:45 "Tyrion's not like the other Lannisters." Kind of a low bar, but he'll take what he can get
13:48 "It's too great a risk"
14:00 "Sounds like a charmer"
14:13 Notes that dragons will help
14:50 Knows exactly what to say to motivate Westerosi
15:09 Olenna rewards loyalty with betrayal
15:14 Dany is just like her father.
16:00 "We are currently at work on a solution........"
16:20 Gets Dickon's name wrong (probably on purpose)
16:30 "The other lords look to you for guidance"
16:32 "If my queen summons me, I answer"
16:56 Praises his combat worthiness
17:00 get. to. the. point.
17:05 Receives an offer to be the Queen's ranking general
17:15 Cannot break his oath to Olenna
17:25 Insults Lannister honor (and rightly so)
17:43 "She was a great woman"
18:00 Knows Randyll is a racist bastard and exploits it to his gain
18:15 Receives an offer to become Warden of the South
18:18 "I can think of no better man"
18:32 Learns he doesn't have long, and should have acted sooner
20:00 Jorah has one day before he must leave
20:04 "Come, Samwell"
20:10 Offers to send word to your family
21:30 Does his grim work with dutiful pride and brilliance
22:15 This big crossbow just might work
22:26 Take the Iron Throne
22:40 "If you're scared, crawl back to your hole."
22:46 "We don't poison little girls"
22:51 "There are no innocent Lannisters"
22:55 "My only regret is Oberyn died fighting for you"
23:08 Quotes his advice
23:20 My granddaughter is ashes. Be warned. They won't obey you unless they fear you.
23:44 "We will not attack King's Landing"
23:51 "By asking nicely?"
24:13 "Our army should be Westerosi" also devises the whole war plan
24:46 "So you're using our armies... why did you bring your own?"
25:25 Pledges her support
25:27 Pledges her support
25:31 Pledges her support
25:39 Private audience
26:11 We never had peace... ever ever ever
26:11 Ignore the men. Be a dragon.
27:37 Admits his weakness in the context of his duty
27:37 Learns of Grey Worm's love for her
28:19 "I believe" you were brave
28:50 Kissy Kissy
30:40 They have a very intense penisless love session
31:40 Gives Sam lots of books
32:07 The title isn't good
32:45 "Shall I tell you how he died? Greyscale."
33:30 Attempts to heal Jorah for the memory of Jeor. You're not dying today.
34:12 Swigs the rum himself. Ha.
35:25 He's risking greyscale here
35:45 That's gotta hurt like a whole lot. He's such a champ.
37:19 Asks who the food is for then just up and takes it.
37:25 Loves his bread
38:45 Learns Jon Snow is king now!
39:16 "Friends don't pay"
39:22 "I can't believe I thought you were a boy. You're Pretty!"
39:42 "I'm like you, Arry. I'm a survivor."
40:00 Forsakes her bloodlust for family
40:48 Learns of the dragonglass on Dragonstone
42:00 Makes the best decision he can while king - even though it is unpopular
42:12 Davos will join him going to Dragonstone
42:18 Undermines Jon... Again...
42:25 She makes some good points though
42:41 Remembers the Mad King
42:52 Pipes in
42:57 "Winter is here, your Grace"
44:00 "I know it's a risk, I have to take it"
44:12 Receives an offer to be Acting Queen of Winterfell
44:12 Keeps undermining him in front of all the bannermen
44:12 Promotes her to Acting Queen of Winterfell
44:40 Finally listens to her King/brother
45:22 Catelyn underestimated Jon
45:39 "You don't belong down here"
46:11 Chokes the small man
46:26 "Touch my sister and I'll kill you myself."
48:40 Standing up to the wolves and approaches Nymeria despite her fear
49:00 Don't come closer
50:35 "You can't have them all, it's not fair"
50:39 "She's not my mama"
50:45 "The mountain will crush you with one hand"
50:54 Mama Mia!
50:54 Mama Mia!
51:00 I'll kill you both so I won't have to share!
51:21 "A boy... a girl... depends on the port"
51:32 "Could we get some more?"
51:53 "Handsome"
51:55 "He'll be my advisor"
52:13 They totally would have got it on
52:19 Trying to get him to join
52:20 "A foreign invasion is underway" har har
52:35 "Stay here"
52:39 First instinct is to grab a sword and go
52:56 Realizes her uncle is come to take his revenge
53:25 It's about to go down
53:25 Literally on the winch - could not be more in front of his vanguard
53:26 Crushes someone with the boarding winch
53:28 One slice of the axe
53:47 Stab
53:49 Slices the belly open
53:49 Too high
53:51 Kills that someone
53:51 Fighting someone
53:55 Kills another someone
54:03 Fighting someone
54:03 Kills that someone
54:06 Easy kill
54:07 Another easy kill
54:09 Throws a knife
54:09 The knife hits a face
54:15 Protect Ellaria
54:31 Attacks the soldiers who come to get her
54:34 Fighting with two guys
54:35 Kills a guy neck slice
54:36 Same neck slice as her brother
54:58 Knows she's lost but jumps right back in like a true Ironborn
54:58 Some guy comes at her
54:59 She easily stabs his belly
55:04 Fighting with a guy
55:06 Axe to the head
55:08 Whip to the neck
55:15 Then gets hit with a spear
55:20 Trading blows with Obara
55:25 Fighting them both
55:29 Dick stab
55:29 Knife kill
55:38 Stabs her with a spear... fitting
55:45 Kills some random dude
55:47 Renews her attack on Euron
55:51 Knife to the leg
56:00 Another fight with her
56:02 Choke out with her own whip
56:12 She gets taken
56:14 Captured
56:14 Captured
56:30 More kills for Yara. This time she knocks him off the galley deck
56:34 Jumps on Euron, and not in a sexy way
56:40 "Give your uncle a kiss"
56:42 They fight. This was fate.
56:48 Some guy comes at Euron
56:49 Euron kills that guy
56:56 He kills another guy in the way of Yara
57:13 Pins her to the stairs. He's won.
57:15 Fighting a guy
57:17 Kills that guy
57:35 "Cockless coward"
58:06 Loses both the battle and respect for her brother
58:09 Can't bring himself to rescue his sister.
58:10 Deserts his army
58:10 Abandons his family
58:15 Loses the day
58:15 Wins the day
58:20 Hangs her from the prow with her own whip
58:20 Pins her to the prow with her own spear