The Iron Throne has finished airing and scoring was completed on May 31, 2019 at 5:29 PM EDT. Check out the results for your league!
Rank Name Owner Points
1 House Hold me Closer Tiny Lannister Tiny Kevin Morrissey 0.0
2 House Thundercats TC Alexis De Girolami 0.0
3 House Baby Pod Squad PodPodPod Ann Clancy 0.0
4 House Cage of Nicholas SaintNick Calvin Hopkins 0.0
5 House Where the F is Rickon (He's Dead) (Dead) Ashley Anderson 0.0
6 House Calvin of Chop Chop Joe Dirt 0.0
7 House Skywalker of Rivendell Clingon Josh Lory 0.0
8 House Impin ain't Easy Necessary Robyn Vatter 0.0
9 House Hoster Tully's Ghost Chillin in Harrenhal Ghost Roy Berger 0.0
10 House Brotherhood Without Manners Manners Tyler Axdorf 0.0