League Number of teams Scoring
A Feast for Bros 9 Weighted
AFG Westeros 6 Weighted
A Lannister always pays his debts. BMF confirmed w/o/e. 12 Weighted
A League Has No Name 2019 7 Vanilla
Arya Kiddin' Me? 7 Weighted
Arya Kiddin' Me? (v2.0) 7 Weighted
Arya Ready for It? 6 Weighted
Arya ready for this? 6 Weighted
A Song Of Ice & Fire 8 Weighted
A Song of Snells and Swanbergs 10 Weighted
A Throne for All Seasons 6 Weighted
A T&P League Has No Name 8 Weighted
Aware Fantasy GoT 7 Weighted
BeerIsOurCat 4 Weighted
Bend the knee 2019 6 Weighted
Brown Bag Crown Bag 5 Weighted
Crows before Snows 10 Weighted
Daenerys Targaryen: the Seven Kingdom's coolest aunt 6 Weighted
Dire House Wolves 7 Weighted
Dorne Is Low Key Africa 8 Weighted
Dorthraki Super League 4 Weighted
Dragon's breath can't melt ice walls 7 Weighted
Dragons r not smol 9 Weighted
Elizabeth Sayers 6 Weighted
Everybody Wants to Rule the World 7 Weighted
Fitter than the Night King 5 Weighted
Floopy League 2 4 Weighted
Fritz Tamarac 9 Weighted
Fuck the King 10 Weighted
G20 11 Vanilla
Game of Ahdabs 4 Weighted
Game of Chairs 5 Weighted
Game of ChemPoint 7 Weighted
Game of Gays 9 Weighted
Game of Groans pt. II The Groanening 8 Weighted
Game of Lol ReLoLded 6 Weighted
Game of Weiners 4 Weighted
Gentlemen of Castle Black 6 Weighted
Get rich or die Tywin 8 Weighted
Get Rich$ or Die Tywin 10 Weighted
Get Rich or Die Tywin 2019 4 Weighted
GoT 7 Weighted
GoT Crownyns 5 Weighted
GOT Never to late 7 Weighted
Grimes of Thrones 7 Weighted
gshs 4 Weighted
Hohohodor 4 Weighted
Hold The Door 8 Weighted
House Of Eureka 7 Weighted
house of foreign 4 Weighted
House of Gaulois 5 Weighted
How To Grow a Pineapple 9 Weighted
I Can’t See 4 Weighted
Insane Crown Posse 5 Weighted
Insane Crown Posse 2: Insaner Crown Posse 8 Weighted
It is known 8 Weighted
jblvfash'jrwoBJIOSF 8 Weighted
Jenny 2020 6 Weighted
Keyes to the Kingdom 4 Weighted
Khaleesi and Arya's Epic Brunch Adventure 8 Weighted
Knights of Nee 5 Vanilla
League Has No Name 6 Weighted
League of Greater Seattle 7 Weighted
League of Thrones 2 10 Weighted
Levitz boned us 10 Weighted
Lions, Dire Wolves, & Dragons, oh my! 5 Weighted
Natalie's Army 4 Weighted
NED GoT 10 Vanilla
Night’s Watch 10 Weighted
Not Today 7 Weighted
Office of da' North 5 Weighted
Original Gangsters 9 Weighted
Paperless 8 Weighted
Paperless Post 8 Weighted
Pegs missing leg 5 Weighted
PHAG FANTASY GoT!!!! 4 Weighted
P(imp)in 4 Weighted
Real Real Cockfest GOT Fantasy 9 Weighted
Reek is a Lock for the Throne 10 Weighted
RIP Ned 8 Weighted
s 4 Weighted
SALar MOREghoulis - LM BDR Fantasy 6 Weighted
Sample League 4 Weighted
Ser Pounce's Litterbox 6 Weighted
SUCOL BROZ 7 Weighted
TCMS 6 Weighted
Team BS 5 Weighted
Team Knight King 4 Weighted
Team Night King 7 Weighted
Ten Points to Gryffindor 4 Weighted
test_league_before_i_know_how_many_teams_we_have 4 Weighted
The Brown Bag Crown Bag 7 Weighted
The Honorable League of Castle Black 5 Weighted
The Iron Throne of Cedar Springs 4 Weighted
The League of Thrones 8 Weighted
The North Remembers To Set Their Lineups 8 Weighted
The North Remembers to Set Their Lineups 2 8 Weighted
The Red Vipers of Dorne 6 Weighted
The Scrote Squad (crows before hoes) (V.2) 4 Weighted
The Valley 10 Weighted
The Viper's Memorial Fantasy Game of Thrones League 8 Weighted
The Winterfellas & Ladies 7 Weighted
Third New Part II 5 Weighted
Throne of Games 4 Weighted
TKE 10 Weighted
UW Theta Tau 6 Weighted
Valar Morghulis 7 Vanilla
Valar Tymatis 6 Weighted
We Drink & We Know Things 6 Weighted
Westeros’ Avengers 10 Weighted
Whine and Wine: Westeros Edition 4 Weighted
Winterfell and it can't get up 6 Weighted
Winter Fell and it Can't Get Up 9 Weighted
Winter is CUMMING!!! 8 Weighted
Your Croyle Highness 5 Weighted