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    May 19, 2019

07:11 "It's not safe"
08:15 5 Lannister prisoners are sentenced to death
08:35 "Look around you, friend. We won."
08:37 "I obey my queen's commands. Not yours."
08:56 Killing prisoners of war
08:56 His men lower their spears at Jon when he grabs Grey Worm's hand.
09:11 "Jon, we should speak with the queen."
09:36 Lannister prisoner #1
12:34 Discovers Jaime's body
13:01 Found his siblings remains
13:33 Discovers Cersei's body
16:24 She has conquered Kings Landing and can assume her rightful place as Queen of the Seven Kingdoms
17:03 She praises the Dothraki for keeping their promises to her
17:51 "You are the bravest of men, the most loyal of soldiers"
17:55 Promoted to commander of all Daenerys' forces and Master of War
18:20 Praises the Unsullied for their victory and serving her
19:06 Declares that she is going to take over the world
20:03 Returns to Daenerys instead of fleeing after freeing Jaime during the Burningof King's Landing
20:30 "You freed your brother. You committed treason."
20:38 "I freed my brother. And you slaughtered a city."
20:55 Steps down as Hand of the Queen
20:58 Throws his Hand of the Queen pin down the stairs when he resigns
21:26 "Take him" (Tyrion)
22:30 He's worried about her, she looks shaken up from the battle that he didn't know she was in
22:49 "I came to kill Cersei. Your queen got there first"
22:55 "She's everyone's Queen now." / "Try telling Sansa"
23:12 "She knows who you are. Who you really are. You'll always be a threat to her."
24:23 Acknowledges he did the wrong thing by betraying Varys and acknowledges the cruel irony of facing execution himself
24:44 "Is there life after death?" / "Not that I've seen"
24:48 "I should be thankful. Oblivion is the best I could hope for."
25:02 "I did. and I would do it again now that I've seen what I've seen"
25:02 Insists that Tyrion didn't betray their Queen
25:40 "When she addressed her soldiers, did she sound like someone who was done fighting?"
26:00 Points out that while she is a genocidal conqueror, Tyrion was advising her up until this point. He is not blameless
26:38 "My father was evil, my sister was evil. Pile up all the bodies they are responsible for in their lives and it wouldn't be half as many as our beautiful queen slaughtered in a single day"
26:44 Unable to accept that Daenerys did a horrible thing and is trying to rationalize her actions
26:56 "Would you have done it (burn everything)?"
27:12 Claims he doesn't know if he would have done what Daenerys did if he had been in her position
27:56 Does the Westerosi equivalent of the "First they came for the..." poem
29:25 "I konw you love yer, I love her too. Not as successfully as you..."
30:04 "Love is the death of duty" - he realizes what he needs to do
30:22 "Sometimes, duty is the death of love"
30:31 "You are the shield that guards the realms of men. And you've always tried to do the right thing"
30:57 "It's a terrible thing I'm asking. It's also the right thing"
31:53 "And your sisters. Do you see them bending the knee?"
32:18 "She doesn't get to choose" / "No, but you do. And you have to choose now."
34:22 Sees the Iron Throne for the first time
36:50 Confirms that she commanded Grey Worm to execute any prisoners
37:28 Explains (unconvincingly) how this is all Cersei's fault
37:49 "We can't hide behind small mercies"
37:58 "The world we need is a world of mercy. It has to be"
38:27 "You do (know what's good) you've always known"
38:28 Gets her to come close enough to him so he can stab her
39:21 "You are my queen" right before stabbing her
39:25 They kiss
39:39 Stab in the heart
40:23 Was forced to kill the second woman he ever loved (after training the kid who y'know killed the first one)
41:48 His mother has died leaving him alone
42:20 Prepared to be burned alive by Drogon for what he did to Daenerys
44:30 Melts the Iron Throne and flies off with Daenerys corpse
46:52 "We will decide what we do with our prisoners"
47:03 There are thousands of Northmen outside of King's Landing who will explain why harming Jon Snow is not in your interest
47:04 There are thousands of Unsullied inside the city who disagree
47:13 "You swore to follow a tyrant"
47:21 "She freed us from a tyrant... let the Unsullied give him what he deserves"
47:26 "Say another word about killing my brother and I'll cut your throat"
47:33 "We've been cutting each other's throats long enough"
47:54 Offers them good land in the reach as repayment for helping them win the war against the dead
48:10 "We do not need payment. We need justice"
48:20 "You are not here to speak"
48:40 "Jon committed his crime here, his fate is for our king to decide"
48:54 "We don't have a King or Queen" / "You're the most powerful people in Westeros. Choose one"
50:01 *Bloviates about his "credentials"* / "Uncle? Please sit."
50:23 No one respects his claim to be King, hits his sword on his chair and stumbles when he goes to sit back down
50:53 Proposes a democracy
51:17 "Maybe we should give the dogs a vote" (this is the only successful burn Edmure has ever completed in his life)
51:18 "I'll ask my horse (who he would vote for)"
51:43 Doesn't want the throne, acknowledges he would be the worst choice
52:31 Proposes that Bran is the best choice to be King
53:38 "Who better to lead us into the future?"
53:44 "Bran has no interest in ruling and he can't father children."
53:50 "Sons of kings can be cruel... as you well know."
54:01 "That is the wheel our Queen wanted to break"
55:02 "Why do you think I came all this way?" (to become King)
56:00 "I'm not sure I get a vote, but aye"
56:26 Rejects Bran as the King of the North, establishes the North as an independent Kingdom
57:18 "All hail Bran the Broken... titles titles"
57:38 "You will be my hand"
58:04 "You cannot (choose Tyrion as your hand)
58:05 "Yes, I can. I'm King."
58:13 "He just got it (justice) he's made many terrible mistakes. Now he will spend the rest of his life fixing them."
58:42 Join the Night's Watch
58:51 "The world will always need a home for bastards and broken men"
59:40 "What we did" (was right)
59:55 "Ask me again in 10 years"
60:32 "I wouldn't be so sure, a few years as Hand of the King would make anyone want to piss off the edge of the world"
62:33 Still sails to Naath to defend Missandei's people
63:10 "The North is free, thanks to you."
63:22 "Ned Stark's daughter will speak for them (the North), she's the best they could ask for"
63:28 They embrace as he prepares to go North
63:54 "You think anyone will tell you women aren't allowed?"
64:09 Not going back north, heading West of Westeros instead
64:45 "Do you have your needle?" / "Right here" / they embrace
65:12 "You were exactly where you were supposed to be"
66:40 Finishes writing Jaime's chapter in the White Book of the Kingsguard
68:14 Begins serving as the Hand of the King for Bran
69:00 Named Master of Ships by King Bran
69:00 Named Grandmaester by King Bran
69:00 Named Master of Coin by King Bran
69:00 Named Lord of High Garden
70:15 "I don't believe you're mentioned" (in reference to Tyrion's omission from A Song of Ice and Fire)
71:00 Named Lord Commander of the Kingsguard
71:31 Knighted (probably by Brienne) and named to the Kingsguard
71:43 "We serve at your pleasure King Bran... titles titles"
71:53 "That will improve"
71:54 "I'm sure it will"
72:16 He has fully repaid his debt to Bronn
72:19 "It is time to start incurring a new one (debt)"
72:31 They will begin rebuilding the fleet as soon as the "Master of Coin and Lord of Lofty Titles provides funding"
72:39 "The Master of Coin looks forward to helping the Master of Ships, but first he has to ensure we're not wasting coin, or soon there won't be no more coin."
72:41 "Any more" (correcting grammar)
72:43 "You Master of Grammar now too?"
73:00 Find the best builders and get to work fixing the sewers
73:04 "All the best brothels burned down. The Master of Coin is willing to fund reconstruction"
73:13 "I imagine you aren't using them (brothels) correctly"
73:18 "I think Ships come before brothels" / "I think that's a very presumptuous statement"
73:55 Returns to where he belongs, North of the Wall
76:06 She's Queen of the North now and no one objected
76:49 Reunites with Jon
76:57 Nuzzles and licks Jon
77:55 "The Queen in the North!"