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    May 5, 2019

04:29 Dead though
04:42 Alive
04:42 Has lost a valuable advisor and spurned lover, Ser Jorah Mormont
05:11 Also dead though
05:14 Also alive
05:14 Has lost the man who saved her from Ramsay Bolton, Theon Greyjoy
05:45 Behind Jon
06:15 Super bloody
06:31 Honors the dead with a solid speech
08:15 Yupp, dead
08:20 Also dead, but looks much better than Beric
08:23 The girl who made Jon Snow King in the North and slew a dragon
10:09 Probably safe to assume it's alcohol
10:10 Same
10:36 "You can still smell the burning bodies and that's where your head is at?"
10:43 "Of course it's about that you twat"
11:56 Daenerys makes him Lord of Storm's End
12:02 Also legitimizes him as the lawful son of Robert Baratheon
12:09 Makes him Lord of Storm's End when he has no political or leadership experience
12:25 "To Lord Gendry Baratheon, of Storm's End"
12:40 Really jumps the gun, drinking before everyone cheered Lord Gendry
12:48 For Lord Gendry!
12:52 As Tyrion points out, a "Lord of Storm's End who will be forever loyal to you"
13:00 "See, you're not the only one who's clever"
13:18 "If this isn't the time to drink, when is?"
13:24 Convinces Brienne—excuse us, Ser Brienne—to have a drink
13:35 Wasn't able to kill Lady Melisandra
14:13 "I don't imagine thinking about that subject will leave you any happier than before"
14:20 "Then you're in luck. We may have to defeated them, but we still have us to contend with."
14:35 "Thank you, I feel much better"
14:51 "This is clever, even better than the saddle I designed for you"
15:00 Used Three Eyed Raven powers to get the design for the chair
15:09 "You know our history better than anyone"
15:42 "You shouldn't envy me. Mostly I live in the past."
15:53 "Vomiting is not celebrating"
15:55 "Yes it is"
15:58 "To the dragon queen"
16:02 "To Arya Stark, the hero of Winterfell"
16:17 Makin' some of them sexy eyes at each other
16:42 She's in it now!
16:50 "I surmissed"
16:51 "Drink!"
16:55 "Because it's my game"
17:05 "Drink!"
17:07 She has danced with Renly Baratheon
17:17 "That's right, you did"
17:21 "That's why we all agreed to follow him. That's the kind of man he is"
17:27 "He's little..."
17:29 "...but he's strong. Strong enough to befriend an enemy and get murdered for him."
17:38 "Not this one!"
17:42 "I didn't have much say in that"
17:54 "He keeps fighting"
18:00 "What kind of person climbs on a fucking dragon? A madman!"
18:02 "...or a king!
18:58 "Wrong wrong wrong! Drink!"
19:06 "Drink"
19:14 "No!"
19:33 Awkward moment...
20:02 "Now, which one of you cowards shit in my pants?"
20:31 "Pours his drink into Tormund's"
21:05 Thinks he lost Brienne to Jaime, and [spoilers!] he ends up being correct
21:10 "Don't touch me"
21:15 "Maybe you should be"
21:30 I guess a tavern wench will do
21:47 Still can't make out if that random noise was a word or not
21:54 "She could have made you happy, for a little while"
22:17 "I've seen much worse than you since then"
22:25 He's just, like, super impolite about Sansa's past
23:52 "It's night time, it's freezing, and everyone is celebrating. You should be celebrating with them."
23:58 "I am celebrating"
24:05 "I'm not Gendry Rivers anymore. I'm Gendry Baratheon, Lord of Storm's End"
24:14 "Congratulations"
24:15 Quick kiss
24:23 "All I know is that you're beautiful, and I love you, and all of it won't be worth it without you with me."
24:34 Proposes to her
24:46 Arya's turn to lean in, and this kiss is longer
25:01 "You'll be a wonderful Lord, and any lady would be lucky to have you"
25:08 Turns down his marriage proposal and then just goes right back to shooting arrows
25:18 Oof, put it all on the line and got rejected by the Faceless Woman he loves
26:18 She's very knowledgable about fires
26:25 "That's very diligent, very responsible"
26:28 "Piss off"
26:29 "You know the first thing I learned in the North? I hate the fucking North."
26:54 "I do [sound jealous], don't I?
27:21 Starts taking off her shirt
28:25 Hooks up with the one-handed Golden Lion. She's wanted that for a looong looong time
28:25 Starts kissing her
28:53 "Only a little"
29:05 "If he could have chosen a way to die it would have been protecting you"
29:29 Tells him that she could never love Jorah the way she loves him
29:40 Makes out with his aunt
30:02 Stops undressing her because you know, incest
30:35 The classic "hold her hand before breaking the bad news" move
30:45 "It doesn't matter what you want!"
31:02 Commands him swear Sam and Bran to secrecy and tell no one else who he really is
31:39 Jon Snow informs her that needs to tell Sansa and Arya
31:41 "Sansa will want to see me gone and you on the Iron Throne"
31:49 "She's not the girl you grew up with. Not after what she's seen. Not after what they've done to her"
32:11 "I've never begged for anything, but I'm begging you, don't do this, please"
32:42 "We can [live together], I just told you how"
33:50 The odds are distressingly even
33:55 The people will know you saved them
33:59 We will hit her hard and rip her out
34:19 We are gaining allies
34:41 Give them the opportunity and they will cast Cersei aside
34:50 We'll surround the city
35:17 Our men need rest, we should let them
35:35 You want to postpone after what I did for you
35:57 The north will honor their promises....
36:08 We will obey the queen's command
36:22 Land vs Sea trip breakdown
36:51 Men will live without fear from cruelty under their rightful queen
37:45 We don't trust your queen
37:53 If you only trust the people you grew up with you won't make many allies
37:57 I don't need many allies
38:24 You're my brother... like reaaally
38:50 How can we swear if we don't know what it is
39:25 Reveals the truth about his parentage - against orders
39:50 Say something snide
39:59 Happy that you finally have to climb for it
40:22 What's she like down there
40:31 Pair of tall blonde toughs
40:31 Pair of tall blonde toughs
40:53 You're both a pair of C's
40:53 You're both a pair of C's
41:08 I will belt you
41:11 Punches him in the nose
41:14 Your best days are long gone
41:17 I know what a broken nose feels like
41:35 And you trust Cersei...?
42:11 What's double Riverrun?
42:15 Honors his old deal with Bronn (at least in word)
42:23 Bolt to the beam
42:33 Highgarden will never belong to a cutthroat
42:47 Your ancestors were cutthroats
43:33 Till then, don't die
44:15 You're the big hero
44:37 I don't like heroes. Better than dying
44:55 You gonna leave me to die again?
45:03 He's battered but alive
45:08 Boop the snoot
45:26 Realizes Rhaegal can still fly, at least
45:26 Can still fly, at least
46:02 "That doesn't mean she'll be a good queen..."
46:05 Sees through Sansa's dislike
46:40 "You'll be the true power"
47:12 Tells Tyrion he's afraid of her
47:49 She wants to make the world better
48:23 Tells Tyrion of Jon. It's brave but dishonorable.
48:23 Tells Tyrion of Jon. It's brave but dishonorable.
48:29 Not riding a dragon south?
48:40 You weigh as much as 2 flees doin the dirty
48:58 The free folk are welcome to stay
49:27 Abandons Ghost!!
49:45 Hugz
49:50 "You've got the North in you. The Real North" One of the best lines right there
50:15 Hugz
50:20 Realizes Gilly is preggers
50:34 "I'm sure he knows how it happens"
50:42 Would name her child after Jon
50:46 Hope it's a girl!
50:56 Hugz
51:09 You're the best friend I ever had
51:12 "You too, Sam"
52:00 Aww holding hands
52:40 Hundreds will know soon
52:49 She'll lose the North
52:51 He has the better claim
53:10 People are drawn to him - he's a hero
53:21 That never stopped a Targaryen
53:25 Is marrying your aunt common?
53:31 Does she want to share the throne?
53:45 Worry about her state of mind
54:30 Bolt to the chest
54:42 Bolt to the wing
54:45 Bolt to the neck sends him down
54:50 Loses her second dragon
55:40 Shoots bolts at Drogon
55:40 Directs scorpion bolts at the fleet
56:52 Mast to the head from one of the bolts
57:20 Cannot find Missandei
57:53 Learns the people love her protection
57:59 Learns of the dragon's death
58:05 The glory is yours
58:19 Claims he gave her a child
58:49 Dany will have to murder innocents to get to me
58:56 So much for the breaker of chains
59:28 This is a mistake
59:46 Thousands of innocents will die. Do not become what you have struggled to defeat
60:42 Offer to negotiate with Cersei
61:37 How could she not believe in destiny
61:40 That's precisely the problem
62:20 Implies he could revert to supporting Jon - brave and treasonous
62:20 Implies he could revert to supporting Jon - brave and treasonous
62:22 Warns Varys not to talk treason
62:36 He's temperate and reasoned
62:45 I don't think a wang is a qualification
63:07 She would bend him to her will
63:13 Continues to try to find a way to peacefully resolve this
63:13 Temper her - as you have?
63:15 You're drinking quite a lot
63:30 Jon's the one who might be able to keep the North
63:31 How many kings have you served? You flip flopper
63:44 It's a mistake
63:45 I believe in our queen
64:13 The people are just as real as we are
64:33 Implies she will have to "go"
64:50 Continues to stick up for Dany
64:57 Each of us has a choice
65:57 Unclear which of the news is bad, but it's bad
65:58 Always wanted to see Cersei executed
66:37 Decides he needs to honor... something. but what?
67:18 You're not like your sister
67:23 You're better than she is
68:00 Finally admits to crippling Bran
71:38 "Or so I flatter myself"
71:45 Tries to avoid bloodshed of innocents
72:49 Walks up to talk to Cersei
73:39 Holds still while Cersei aims at him
73:41 Learns Cersei will not kill him
74:13 You don't care about your people
74:35 You've always loved your children
76:05 Offers Missandei last words
76:30 Dracarys
76:30 Dracarys
76:48 Big Zombie to do his thing
76:50 Do your thing, Big Zombie
77:01 Beheaded
77:02 He has lost his lover
77:40 Provoking Daenerys to burn the city to the ground
77:40 His peaceful compromising has failed