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    April 14, 2019

07:17 "At least your balls won't freeze off"
07:26 "Because I have balls, and you don't"
07:58 "I warned you, Northeners don't much trust outsiders"
08:19 Scares/Impresses the Northmen with her dragons as they fly overhead while she and her army enters Winterfell
09:12 Reunites with Bran
10:16 "Winterfell is yours, your grace"
10:24 Learns that Viserion has become a wight dragon
10:24 Informs everyone that Viserion has become a wight dragon
11:05 Granted the use of additional wagons and horses to transport his people and stores to Winterfell from Last Hearth
11:18 Call the Night's Watch and Free Folk back from the castles on the Wall to Winterfell
11:29 "Your Grace. But you're not, are you?"
11:48 "Not important? We named you King in the North"
11:55 His authority has been questioned and Sansa does not offer support, only silence
12:21 "I had a choice, keep my crown or protect the North. I chose the North"
12:49 "Thanks to his (Jon Snow's) courage, we have brought here the greatest army the world has ever seen"
13:07 Loses any goodwill his previous statements had made by announcing the Lannister army was approaching
13:29 Questions how they are supposed to feed this alleged "greatest army in the world" when they had only budgeted to feed the northmen
13:35 "Whatever they want"
14:03 Be careful with the dragonglass, they need every last piece of it
14:50 "Lady of WInterfell, that has a nice ring to it"
14:59 "So does 'Hand of the Queen', depending on the Queen"
15:01 Considers the death of Tyrion's (shit head) nephew at his own wedding, one of the highlights of the affair
15:25 "Many underestimated you, most of them are dead now"
15:30 "I used to think you were the cleverest man alive"
16:51 Reunites with Arya
16:51 Reunites with Jon in Godswood
17:17 "Have you ever used it?" / "Once or twice"
17:37 "Jealous?"
18:03 "She's (Sansa) the smartest person I've ever met"
18:13 "I'm defending our family, so is she (Sansa)"
18:28 "Don't forget that (you're a part of our family)"
18:51 She believes the army of the dead breaking through the wall is a positive development for her
19:35 Won't kill her because "they're family" and he would have no one left to talk to (everyone on his crew has had their tongue cut out)
19:43 "The last Greyjoys in the world. The last ones with balls anyway"
20:18 "You picked the losing side (by allying with Cersei)"
20:34 Promises to sail the Iron Fleet somewhere else if Cersei starts to lose either to Daenerys or the White Walkers
21:01 Killed members of the Golden Company after he cheated them at dice
21:05 20,000 men, 2,000 horses (unfortunately no elephants, we were hoping for elephants)
21:06 "They weren't good fighters, you won't miss them"
21:48 "You are a true friend of the crown"
22:10 Manipulates Euron into being the fall guy for her pregnancy with Jaime, while making Euron think that he manipulated her into banging him
22:22 "You want a whore? Buy one. You want a queen? Earn her"
22:42 "My heart is nearly broken"
22:50 "I've executed men for less" / "They were lesser men"
23:28 Bronn is with three prostitutes but is interrupted before he could make sweet love to all of them
23:36 The prostitutes won't stop talking about men who had died in the (lazily titled) "Loot Train Attack" when he survived and is paying them for their time
23:47 Tells him he's brave for shooting a dragon as she lustily mounts him
24:35 She's partial to older gentlemen
24:44 "The pox will take her in a year"
25:24 Orders the death of Tyrion and Jaime using Joffrey's crossbow (and one would assume as an homage to the murder of their father)
25:24 "Yeah well good luck with that (murdering Daenerys)"
25:55 "What would she (Cersei) do for the man who rids her of her treasonous brothers?"
26:27 "How do I compare to the fat King?"
26:41 "Robert had a different whore every night, but he still didn't know his way around a woman's body"
26:43 (Accurately) Accuses her of incest with Jaime
27:19 "You might be the most arrogant man I've ever met. I like that"
28:15 One of the corpses was Mac from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, so we're going to say he killed Mac
28:25 Axe to the head
28:44 Rescued by Theon
28:44 Rescues Yara
28:46 Headbutt, knocks his ass down
28:59 Helps him up after knocking him down
29:33 "You're my Queen, I go where you command"
29:48 Plans to retake the Iron Islands from Euron while he is distracted with Cersei. Daenerys will have somewhere to retreat to in case they are unable to hold the North
29:48 Theon goes North to fight with (for) the Starks
30:00 "What is dead may never die. But kill the bastards anyway"
30:44 "Beats an onion anyway" in reference to liking the Karstarks sigil
30:48 Takes it on the chin "Can't argue with that"
31:01 "The Northmen are loyal to Jon Snow, not to her (Daenerys)"
31:31 "A proposal is what I'm proposing"
31:44 A just woman
31:44 An honorable man
31:52 Jon and Daenerys won't want to listen to old men such as himself, Tyrion and Davos in matters like this
31:52 "I'm not that old, not as old as him"
32:07 "Respect is how young people keep you at a distance"
32:49 (Regarding Sansa) "If she can't respect me...."
33:26 The dragons aren't eating enough food
34:12 "Then I've enjoyed your company Jon Snow"
34:23 Rides a dragon
34:23 Jon becomes Rhaegal's dragonrider... Rhaegal, Rhaegar, I see what you did there GoT
34:54 Gains his dragonrider
36:27 "You've completely ruined horses for me"
37:11 "Keep your hands off my mommy!"
38:01 "Do you know who makes weapons for the wildlings? Cripplings and cocksuckers. Which one are you?"
38:19 "You left me to die" / "First I robbed you"
38:38 "You're a cold little bitch aren't you. Guess that's why you're still alive"
38:53 C'mon man, don't make this weird
38:53 "That's a nice axe you've made him. You've gotten better"
39:12 "Stay close to the forge then"
39:13 "Is that a command Lady Stark"
39:37 Needs Gendry to make her an unusual weapon
39:45 "You don't know any other rich girls" (cue Hall & Oates)
39:45 "I always knew you were just another rich girl"
40:13 Lord Glover has decided to remain in Deepwood Motte with his men
40:13 Refuses to join Jon Snow's army to battle the living in the dead. He would rather stay in his WOODEN castle instead
40:26 Corrects Jon that House Glover pledged to stand behind Jon Snow the King in the North, NOT House Stark
40:52 Tries to convince her that giving up his crown was worth the reinforcements that Daenerys has brought with her. Titles no longer matter with the Army of the Dead on the march
41:14 She affirms that she does have faith in Jon but believes his actions have not been worth giving up his crown
41:21 "She'll be a good queen. For all of us"
41:34 "She's not her father" / "No, she's much prettier"
41:49 "Did you bend the knee to protect the North, or because you love her?"
42:19 "The one who saved Ser Jorah when no one else could."
42:23 "They could. They just wouldn't"
42:33 "It is my honor to serve you, your grace"
43:07 Daenerys is forced to tell Sam that she is responsible for the death of his father and brother IMMEDIATELY after praising him for saving Jorah's life and offering him a substantial reward
43:08 Gets his pardon
43:09 Finds out that his brother and father have been executed by Daenerys
45:14 "He (Jon) trusts you more than anyone"
45:18 Sam needs to tell Jon the truth about his parents
46:10 Reunites with Jon
46:10 Reunites with Sam
47:08 Challenges the hypocrisy of Jon supporting executing the Tarly's when he spared thousands of wildlings who refused to kneel
47:23 Sam reveals that Jon's true parents are Rhaegar Targaryen and Lyanna Stark making him the heir to the Iron Throne. NOT Daenerys
47:30 FINALLY found out who his mother is and that he didn't actually know who his father was this whole time
49:20 "You gave up your crown to save your people. Would she do the same?
50:38 Enters a castle that clearly has been attacked by the Army of the Dead
50:38 Leads an expedition into a castle that clearly has been attacked by the Army of the Dead
51:32 "Stay back he's got blue eyes" / "I've always had blue eyes!"
52:21 Has added the smallfolk of House Umber to the Army of the Dead
52:21 Killed offscreen by the Night King, his remains arranged as a message to anyone who found it
52:42 Ned has become a wight, Beric stabs it with his flaming sword causing a spiral of limbs to also catch fire
53:38 Honored his promise to ride north and fight the Army of the Dead
54:26 Reminded of his past misdeeds by Bran waiting for him in the courtyard of Winterfell