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    August 20, 2017

04:52 "Down south the air smells like pig shit"
04:57 Winterfell ain't the North!
05:08 "Walking's good, fighting's better, fucking's best.
05:12 "We have to make due with what we've got."
05:21 "This one's maybe not so smart"
05:23 "Davos says he's a strong fighter"
05:29 "Smart people don't come up here looking for the dead"
05:42 "You spent too much time with the free folk. Now you don't like kneeling."
05:58 Asks Jon how many people died because Mance wouldn't bend the knee
06:19 "A priestess. I'll admit, it is a subtle distinction."
06:37 "Sounds all right so far"
06:42 "Was she naked too?"
07:02 "This man's been killed six times, you don't hear him bitching about it."
08:12 "I'm glad [Ned Stark] didn't catch you"
08:54 Offers Longclaw, the ancestral sword of House Mormont, to Jorah
09:16 "I've forfeited the right to claim this sword"
10:01 "You were probably inside knitting all the time"
11:35 "...with your help"
12:43 "And you were stupid enough to believe them"
13:37 "While you were off, where? Traveling the world?"
14:38 Arya implies that she could show the letter to the Northern lords, eroding their support for Sansa
15:41 "They told me you were mean."
15:46 "I don't give two shits about Wildlings. Gingers I hate."
15:50 "Gingers are beautiful! We are kissed by fire."
15:53 *swat* Don't point at me
15:53 "Just like you!"
16:06 "And ever since you've been mean."
16:23 "I bet you do [like dick]"
17:07 "I'm good at killing people"
18:24 Tells Jon that death is the only enemy, and they should fight for the living
19:42 "Do you know what I like about you? You're not a hero"
20:24 "Oh, I suppose he gazes at you lovingly because he longs for a successful military alliance"
20:35 "I know you're brave. I wouldn't have chosen a coward for my hand"
21:32 No traps
22:52 You have been known to be impulsive
23:12 "One could be forgiven for thinking you're taking your family's side in this debate"
25:17 Bear-ly (see what we did there?) visible in the heavy snow
25:47 Chomp!
26:14 Chomp number 2!
26:18 Charges at the beast screaming
26:20 Swings Longclaw at the beast
26:21 Tosses the King in the North aside like a used tissue
26:22 Lights up his lightsaber I mean sword
26:22 Lights up his sword
26:23 Runs towards the giant bear
26:23 Runs with his buddy Beric
26:29 Bitch slaps his opponent
26:32 Breaks his neck and throws him away. Another nameless victim of the evil bear wight.
26:37 Sets the bear on fire with a swing of his flaming sword
26:44 Still afraid of fire
26:48 Saves The Hound with his attack
26:48 Attacks the bear
26:50 Kind of a one-sided fight, size-wise at least
26:56 Charges at the bear wight with a fearsome scream
26:59 Swings his halberd at the creature
27:00 Another used tissue
27:07 Chest bites, especially from giant bear wights, probably hurt
27:14 Still won't save his buddy Thoros. Face your fears brah.
27:18 Charges past The Hound
27:20 Stabs that shit in the back
27:21 Is it ironic that House Mormont's sigil in a bear?
27:51 Long ass, well earned swig from his flask
28:05 Go on, burn my wound
28:34 "Funny old life"
29:44 "And rule you have. Wisely, ably."
30:30 "Perhaps Brienne could help"
30:31 In his Littlefinger way, he lies and advises to cause Sansa to get rid of Brienne
31:42 "I thought you were the bravest man I ever saw"
31:46 "Just the drunkest"
33:20 Sword was pre-lit for battle
33:24 Wants to up his White Walker kill count to two
33:25 Easy to spot the flaming sword in the background
33:29 Doin' his pops proud with his hammer smashing
33:30 Meets his halberd with a wight's sword
33:31 Swing of the flaming sword
33:31 Second wight kill on the day; we hope he's playing species bingo
33:32 Starts to choke him out
33:40 Ice shatters everywhere
33:42 All the White Walker's "children" are destroyed
34:11 Swift punch to the face
34:12 Dives on top of that dead son of a bitch
34:30 Really seems to enjoy punching this thing
34:59 +1 Wight
35:02 "Run back to Eastwatch, get a raven to Daenerys, tell her what's happened"
35:07 "You're the fastest"
35:15 +1 Hammer
35:48 An army of wights is chasing after him. Not ideal.
36:32 Pulls him down through the ice; starting the cascading effect of all the ice cracking
37:01 Surrounded by a bunch (or, dare we say, plethora) of wights...
37:02 ...but they can't get to his crew. Glass half full!
38:18 Runs until he can't run anymore
38:50 "Get the maester! Now!"
39:18 Kicks the thing in the back
39:32 Dies of his wounds from that damn bear
39:40 Realizes that his BFF is dead
39:48 Covers his buddy's face with a blanket of some sort
39:54 Kneels and gives a Hound-style eulogy
40:10 A dead man doesn't need wine
40:21 A short sip interrupted by Jon Snow
40:40 Come on baby light my fire!
42:30 "Careful, Beric. You lost your priest"
42:40 "Don't see how the Lord of Light should be any Different"
43:29 "The invitation is to you. They want you."
43:56 "It's not safe leaving you with Littlefinger"
44:10 "Let me at least leave Podrick behind to watch over you."
44:13 Says he "has become a competent swordsman"
44:32 Clearly not heeding any of Brienne's advice
44:33 "The trip to king's landing is long..."
45:21 "You can't win the throne if you're dead"
45:46 "You told me to do nothing before. I'm not doing nothing again."
46:10 Takes her importance and her dragons aross the world on the chance of making a difference
46:46 Breaks a jaw with a stone. Nice shot!
46:47 "dumb" seaward
47:09 Realizes the ice has refrozen
47:40 Puff the magic dragon
47:45 Commands the undead army (by whatever mystical means), which advances on the small group
47:50 "F*ck it" and goes for the wights
47:51 This guy comes back later even though he's in pieces
47:53 First stab
47:56 Slash with dagger 1
47:57 Slash with dagger 2
47:58 Longclaw is a long claw
48:00 They're really packing these kills in tightly
48:01 Smash to the head
48:02 Flaming sword to the body
48:02 Exchanging blows with a wight
48:03 Kills the wight he was fighting with
48:04 ...and another one just for kicks
48:07 This one really catches flame
48:10 Technically offscreen but who could survive that
48:11 double slice
48:11 Also offscreen but cmaan
48:12 Finishes his slicy-dicey
48:20 Charges the Hound
48:21 Smashes the ice so the wight falls in
48:23 Background kill
48:23 Background kill
48:24 Another background kill
48:24 You can see him kill one in the background
48:24 Another background kill
48:24 Background kill
48:28 Flame swipe 1
48:29 Flame swipe 2
48:30 Flame swipe 3
48:32 Another background kill
48:36 F-it and uses his knives
48:37 Another knife kill
48:39 Hulk smash
48:40 Kills 1 in the background
48:40 Another kill
48:41 Kills 2 in the background
48:41 A third kill in a row
48:42 "I'm good at killing people" yeah right. You're good at killing wights too, showoff
48:42 Kills 3 in the background
48:43 Literally 5 kills in 5 seconds
48:44 Nice slice
48:45 Fights one in the background
48:45 Another nice slice
48:46 Kills it... or another one. Who can really tell.
48:46 Tormund was the Bane of that Wight's existence
48:46 A third nice slice
48:48 Jon Snow: it's what's for dinner
48:54 Saves Jon from certain death (who are we kidding)
48:56 Kills another
48:57 Kills one in sequence
48:58 They're going around the circle killing dead things
48:59 It's Tormund's turn
49:00 Bet you forgot about the man with the flaming sword! No? Ok
49:00 Tormund just had to sneak a second one in there
49:01 If you watch longer they kill more things
49:02 Ditto
49:05 Another for Mr. T!
49:06 Jumps on his back
49:07 Flips him and kills him (it?)
49:09 Flames. Everywhere.
49:12 He gets another after waving the first around
49:13 Undead: the other wight meat
49:17 Jon Snow goes America all over this wight's ass
49:20 Kills one as he tries to bat the flames off their captive
49:22 Skeleton comes flying through the air. Jon hits it. It blows up. Who really knows.
49:37 Flame swipe 4
49:38 Flame swipe 5
49:45 "Fall back!"
49:50 grabs him
49:51 Kills one in the foreground
49:52 Kills one in the background
49:52 Still grappling with the wight after 2 seconds. He should have killed him and 2 more by now.
49:54 Kills the one he grappled with
49:55 Another one grabs him
49:56 He kills that one too
49:57 Immediately gets body-slammed by a third
49:58 Gash to the head
50:06 It's like easy now
50:07 Hack!
50:15 Fighting to remain on his feet
50:22 The creatures from the cold lagoon
50:34 Kills the one choking Tormund
50:36 Kills the other one choking Tormund
50:36 Saved! By the Hound! Who hates gingers!
50:43 A long-awaited kill from Mr. Snow!
50:47 Kills one of the mob
50:47 Kills one of the mob
50:48 Kills one of the mob
50:48 Somehow he gets two in this sequence
50:49 His head hurts, his throat hurts, he's angry, and he's out to kill more wights
50:54 Losing creativity 1
50:55 Losing creativity 2
50:56 Losing creativity A
50:58 Another for Jorah! He's on fire (3 in a row) balls back
51:02 Slashes at his hand to try to ruin his grip dragging the captive
51:04 Say what you will, Jon has the most finessssse
51:12 Kicks one out of the way
51:13 Slashes one, he's trying to save his friend, Mr. [unnamed]
51:14 Kills the other one, but unfortunately Mr. [unnamed] falls to his death
51:24 Background kill
51:24 Jorah is the Rafael of killing wights in the background with knives
51:24 Background kill
51:24 Kill 2
51:24 Second background kill
51:25 Somehow gets 3 kills in the space of a second
51:25 Kill 3
51:26 Kill 4
51:27 Kill 4
51:27 Kill 5
51:28 Kill 5
51:28 Kill 6
51:29 Kill 6
51:29 Kill 2
51:30 Kill 7
51:30 Kill 7
51:31 Kill 1 (he missed some because he was obscured by Jon... what luck)
51:31 Kill 3
51:32 Kill 2
51:33 Kill 4
51:33 Kill 3
51:34 Kill 5
51:35 Kill 8
51:35 Kill 6
51:42 Took a quick peek at Jon, prettier than his daughters, then right back in it
51:50 Arguably offscreen but look at that scream
51:53 Flame sword ahoy
51:57 Everyone's just looking at Jon then going back to killing
52:12 Arrives to save the day with her dragons!
52:12 Is the dragon saving the day
52:13 Look at that. Fire vs. Ice.
52:20 This guy wants some action too
52:20 Dead wights on fire
52:23 Dead wights on fire... and sinking!
52:23 Don't forget me
52:28 OMG saved!
52:28 OMG saved!
52:28 OMG saved!
52:28 OMG saved!
52:28 OMG saved!
52:31 Because she's riding Drogon
52:31 Attributing this one to Drogon
52:31 Dead wights no fire
52:34 Attributing this one to Viserion
52:34 Dead wights on fire
52:36 A nice loooooong breath
52:36 He took his time with it
52:51 Dead wights on fire
52:51 He breathes fire
52:56 Another blast for good measure
52:56 Dead wights on fire
52:56 This one from the ground
53:05 Breathes fire but no on-screen deaths
53:05 Another ground blast
53:09 Another blow off screen, this one not directed by Dany
53:10 She lands amidst the chaos to rescue them
53:15 Instead of being rescued he kills the wights coming at them
53:17 Here I go killin' again!
53:26 Another fire breath
53:26 Another stab
53:27 Another kill
53:28 He's getting carried away and should get to the chopper (dragon)
53:32 He just keeps killing
53:32 He just keeps breathing fire
53:34 More fire
53:34 More kills
53:35 Do you think Jon needs to pee by this point in the battle?
53:40 A solid breath from the ground
53:40 This one you can sorta maybe see wights die
53:47 Walks through fire
53:50 Comically slams the captive down on a dragon spike
53:56 He can't stop
53:56 last one I promise
53:57 He won't stop
53:57 This one has to be Rhaegal
53:57 Killin' wights is a hobby
54:00 Dead wights on fire
54:00 Last blaze from the ground
54:02 Gotta give him these kills
54:02 His last living breath of fire on the masses
54:08 There's no way the spear toss is of this world
54:08 Ice spear
54:10 Ice spear takes him out mid-air
54:10 Words cannot describe the agony of losing a child
54:15 He's lost a brother
54:26 Mourns his brother in the air
54:38 The light goes out of the dragon's eyes as he sinks into the water. Many sad faces.
55:10 Anger kill 2
55:10 Anger kill
55:25 What a brave thing to do
55:25 And an honorable thing
55:25 Tells them to GET OUT
55:27 Kills a wight while running
55:28 Kills another wight
55:29 Daddy can we go swimming? Pleeeeease??
55:57 Tosses his second spear
55:57 Same crazy magic speed, this time without the aim
56:01 Please keep your hands and feet inside the car at all times
56:01 Please stay seated until the captain has turned off the fasten seatbelts sign
58:00 Uncle Benjen's cabin
58:03 Charges the horde of wights... on his own
58:04 It's a new record for fastest kill rate
58:05 He swings his fire mace like a cyclone
58:06 And he's killing those wights all night long
58:07 Goin' hard when they turn the spotlights on
58:11 I can see that next wight that's in my way
58:11 I can see clearly now, that wight is gone
58:12 It's gonna be a bright, bright bright fire mace kind of day
58:12 Gone are the dark wights that had me blind
58:35 Benjen sacrifies self to save his nephew
58:58 Wins the battle, but losing the war
59:00 Last one before he's taken down for good...maybe
59:07 Benjen gives his life to defend Jon. Either that or he's having an orgy with a bunch of dead people...hard to see from that angle
59:50 "I fucking hope not"
61:07 Jon Snow has made it back!
61:07 Makes it back to Eastwatch
62:57 "They're not here now"
65:05 "I could even become you...all I need is your face"
66:18 First act upon waking up is apologizing
67:15 +1 Ally in the fight against the dead
67:15 Vows to destroy the Night's King together with Jon
67:58 Puts pride aside and declares his intention to bend the knee
67:59 -1 King in the North to deal with
68:15 Sensual hand holding
68:28 Says she deserves the support of the North
70:46 Blue Eyes White Dragon
70:46 +1 Dragon