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    August 6, 2017

04:25 Bronn gets paid by Ser Jamie
04:40 "Queen of Thorns give you one last prick in the balls before saying good bye?"
04:43 He'll save his confessions for the non-existent High Septon
04:57 Highgarden is available
05:17 Is that why you're so glum
05:31 "Just not to me"
05:39 "From whatever nameless shitheap you're from"
05:50 "I'm sure Cersei's reign will be quiet and peaceful"
05:53 "Like what?"
06:22 Jamie tells Bronn to 'motivate' the farmers
07:05 Calls her more effective and efficient than her father
07:21 "We must devise a way to raise their spirits"
08:02 Gets the Iron Bank's support
08:18 +1 knife
09:51 "Chaos is a ladder"
09:51 Bran uses magic to know that Littlefinger once said "chaos is a ladder"
11:01 "No, I don't [need you anymore]"
11:05 Unable to understand the gravity of Meera and the crew's sacrifice for him
11:50 "You died in that cave"
12:35 "Fuck off"
13:00 "It's cold, and we're busy, so you know. Best fuck off"
13:18 Arya finds out Sansa is alive
13:23 "Lady Sansa is too busy to waste her breath on you, just like us. So for the last time, fuck off!"
13:31 Guard tries to hit Arya
13:34 "I'm getting into this castle one way or another..."
13:41 "...But if I am, and Sansa finds out you turned me away."
13:57 "You sit there, right there"
14:30 Arya makes it back to Winterfell
15:20 Sansa is reunited with Arya
15:25 "Do I have to call you Lady Sansa now?" "Yes"
15:48 "I didn't run..."
15:50 "... You need better guards"
16:02 "It suits you: Lady Stark"
17:52 Arya finds out Bran is alive
19:01 Bran knows Cersei's on her list of names
20:30 +1 knife (from Bran)
21:01 "You kept your vow"
21:01 Kept her vow to keep the Stark girls safe
21:42 "Many things"
21:47 "Many things?"
25:13 Convinces Dany that the white walkers are real
26:50 Dany learns of the loss of Highgarden and her fleet
27:19 "Your 'strategy' has lost us..."
27:43 Tyrion tells Dany not to go into battle herself
27:44 Ignores Tyron's advice
28:12 Jon tells Dany not to melt castles and burn cities
29:02 Training at Winterfell
29:02 Training at Winterfell
29:30 "Don't fight someone like her in the first place"
29:34 "Nice sword...very nice dagger"
30:10 "He didn't beat the Hound...you did"
30:41 Training at Winterfell
30:58 Training at Winterfell
31:58 "No one"
32:45 "I've noticed you staring at her good heart"
33:30 "That sounds... liberating
34:21 "We believe in her... She is the queen we chose."
34:36 "Will you forgive me if I switch sides?"
35:57 Jon grabs Theon's collar
37:01 "Flogging stragglers has a marked effect on mobility"
37:03 "Let's give them fair warning first"
37:30 Forgets Dickon's name
37:32 Laughs at Dickon's name
37:35 Praises his fighting at Highgarden
38:09 "Little boy's school"
38:36 "Spears and shields!"
39:10 "Fill the gaps"
39:17 "Get tight"
39:55 "Spears out"
40:12 "Get back to King's Landing"
40:14 "We can hold them"
40:19 Dany leads the charge on her dragon
40:19 The Queen's army invades Westeros at last
40:42 "Dracarys"
40:44 Drogon burns the front line
40:44 Drogon burns the front line
40:44 Drogon burns the front line
41:26 "Hold the line"
42:17 2nd fire blast
42:17 2nd fire blast
42:17 2nd fire blast
42:41 "Archers...with me!"
42:51 "Knock"
43:03 Jaime's archers fire a volley at Drogon
43:03 "Loose"
43:16 3rd fire blast
43:16 3rd fire blast
43:16 3rd fire blast
43:25 "Qyburn's scorpion is over there"
43:38 Drogon tries to blast Bronn
43:38 Drogon blasts the scorpion
43:43 Jaime kills a Dothraki
43:45 Jaime attacks another Dothraki
43:47 Jaime kills another Dothraki
43:48 Jaime attacks a Dothraki
43:49 Dothraki on horseback attacks Jaime
43:51 Ser Jamie fights with the Dothraki rider
43:55 Dickon kills the Dothraki threatening Jaime
43:55 Jaime fights a Dothraki on horseback
43:57 Dickon attacks the Dothraki on horseback
44:11 Bronn throws a weapon at a rider
44:21 Dothraki on horseback attacks Bronn and his horse
44:26 Bronn loses his money
44:45 Bronn bravely wades through the battle with no weapon
44:52 Bronn attacks a Dothraki on foot with his borrowed sword
44:52 Bronn grabs a sword off a dead guy and kills a Dothraki
45:01 Falls on him and he stabs him
45:02 Bronn falls on a Dothraki and kills him with his sword
45:31 Bronn attacks a Dothraki with the scorpion
45:31 Bronn scorpions a Dothraki rider
46:19 "Your people can't fight"
47:03 "Take cover"
47:08 4th fire blast
47:08 4th fire blast
47:08 4th fire blast
47:23 Shoots first scorpion bolt at Drogon
47:23 Shoots first scorpion bolt at Danaerys (on Drogon)
48:02 Dany says "Dracarys" to Drogon, instructing him to attack Bronn
48:02 Dany and Drogon charge Bronn, intending to take out the Scorpion at all risk to themselves
48:02 Bronn wields the scorpion at an oncoming dragon
48:02 Dany and Drogon charge Bronn, intending to take out the Scorpion at all risk to themselves
48:09 2nd scorpion bolt
48:09 2nd scorpion bolt
48:10 Bronn hits Drogon with the bolt
48:38 Drogon blasts the scorpion
49:07 Dany tries to remove the scorpion bolt from Drogon in the middle of battle
49:19 Jaime goes to attack Drogon/Dany
49:25 "you f*cking idiot"
49:40 Drogon tries to breathe fire at Jaime
49:41 Bronn saves Jaime from Drogon