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    July 30, 2017

04:37 "The Bastard of Winterfell"
04:38 "The Dwarf of Casterly Rock"
06:15 Clearly likes her and praises her island
06:21 "This place has changed"
06:36 "Does Sansa miss me terribly?"
06:47 "She's much smarter than she lets on"
06:48 "She's starting to let on"
07:04 "A long and bloody tale. To be honest, I was drunk."
07:23 "Stark men don't fare well when they travel South"
07:24 "But I'm not a Stark"
07:50 "I'd say you get used to them, but you never really do"
08:25 "I didn't take you for a bashful girl"
09:05 Removing herself from the equation for the good of others
09:20 "I don't think you should return. I'm not sure you'd be safe..."
09:35 Portends both of their deaths in Westeros
10:30 High praise introduction
11:40 "What does perpetuity mean?"
11:54 "I assume you are here to bend the knee"
12:18 Finds it in herself to proclaim her father evil, and asks forgiveness for his crimes
13:00 Bend the knee
13:45 The dragons are... "hard to miss"
14:00 "almost..."
14:13 Proclaims her better than Cersei
15:00 Clarifies Jon's sentiment for Dany
15:10 Doesn't think he's a liar or mad
15:17 Knows they won't believe him but sticks to his unpopular demand
15:19 Don't come closer
16:00 Insinuates that Jon's father was party to infanticide
16:30 Moving speech of self-motivation
17:29 Tells Jon's story of perserverence
18:12 Sits by Jon's side. Band together
18:52 Doggedly defends his Northern Lords
19:10 "You are in open rebellion"
20:15 Learns of the Greyjoy loss at sea
20:15 Learns that his master plan has faltered
20:58 "You wouldn't be here if you tried"
21:22 Dragging her through the streets of King's Landing
21:22 Dragging her through the streets of King's Landing
21:22 Dragging her through the streets of King's Landing
21:45 "This is the life"
22:00 "What a twat"
22:09 Spit
22:30 "Whore"
22:30 "Whore"
22:30 "Whore"
23:10 Receives Euron's gift
23:10 Gives Cersei the gift he promised her: Justice
23:20 "What no other man could give..."
23:35 Spit
23:40 He's the greatest captain
23:55 "You deserve more than a friend..."
24:00 Is offered Cersei's hand in marriage (when the war is won...)
24:00 Learns that Cersei is offering her own hand in marriage
24:30 "I suppose you wouldn't know"
24:34 "If you turn on her..."
24:55 He's so charming
24:55 What's sex with Cersei like?
25:45 Recounts Oberyn's death in the presence of The Mountain. "It must be awful"
27:00 Shows her true heart in regards to her children. Her only human component
27:09 "A perfect Dornish beauty"
27:30 It must be frustrating
27:40 "Do you feel powerful now?"
28:10 Describes the ways she could kill them
28:32 Kisses her on the lips
28:40 Realizes what Cersei is doing to them
28:48 "Qyburn is the cleverest man I know"
29:20 Describes the agony she will undergo
29:25 "We will force food down your throat"
29:50 Change the torches
30:00 Tyene is going to die
30:00 Revenge against Ellaria, murderer of her only daughter
30:30 Comes in and starts making out
30:45 Yup... they doin' it
31:10 One more kiss
31:22 "I'm the Queen of the 7 kingdoms, I'll do as I please"
31:40 "We'll need fresh sheets for the bed"
31:45 Realizes their love no longer has to be a secret.
31:59 Tommen was a fine boy
32:04 "The first queen of the Seven Kingdoms"
32:25 Forces Tycho to get to the point
32:55 Vocalizes her bankruptcy and bad positioning
33:00 "A fancy way of saying 'bet'"
33:30 "How well do wooden ships fare against dragons?"
33:45 Knows how to take advantage of the Braavosi's monetary disposition and risk averseness... to her advantage
34:20 "Your father's daughter indeed"
35:00 "You're a lot better at brooding than I am"
35:01 "You're making me think I'm failing at brooding over failure"
36:11 "I trust the eyes of an honest man more than what everybody knows"
36:18 "I know it's a good question - I'm looking for an answer"
36:30 "People's minds aren't made for problems that large"
36:45 Willing to admit defeat if he can go back to help his people
37:13 "Children are not their fathers, luckily for all of us"
37:38 "She protects people from monsters, just as you do"
38:00 He needs to ask something reasonable
38:01 Offers to help Jon because he knows he is honorable, and it's the right thing to do
38:30 Advises Dany to help Jon with the Dragonglass
39:00 Calls him out for quoting himself
41:04 I don't enjoy what I'm good at
41:40 Will be allowed to mine the dragonglass. Task successful.
42:05 "You better get to work, Jon Snow"
42:45 She is ruling her city as regent very well
43:12 See to the grain shipments
43:30 Cover the breastplates in leather
43:55 Beats him to the punch and says he doesn't know more than her
44:15 "Don't fight in the North or the South. Fight every battle, always."
45:00 Bran is alive!
45:55 Forsakes all lordship for his greensight
46:30 "I told you it's difficult to explain"
47:10 Looks into Sansa's traumatic past
48:10 "I assume it was the rest. And the climate."
48:15 Learns that he has cured Jorah
48:15 Cured of greyscale
48:50 See him in his study this evening
49:20 The only place for him is back with her.
49:30 Owes his life to Sam
50:00 Honest to the Archmaester
50:45 Sam succeeded when others failed
50:50 "I read the book and followed the instruction"
51:25 Make copies of manuscripts
51:58 They cannot send ships
52:10 You'd be alone for who knows how long
52:25 You are still vulnerable to arrows
52:50 Describes with intimate detail what will happen
53:04 Invading Casterly Rock
53:50 Describes his plan of attack in the sewars
54:30 Slits the throat of a guard
54:40 "Give me 10 good men..."
55:00 The first one through the passage and up the stairs
55:00 Long range stab
55:02 Advances on passageway guards
55:02 short range stab
55:06 Shield then toss down stairs
55:10 Grey Worm easily dispatches him
55:10 Attacks Grey Worm as he comes upstairs
55:15 Exchanging blows
55:16 Kills the Lannister he is fighting with
55:16 Is attacked again
55:17 "They will be fighting for you" so they will win
55:17 Kills the next guard
55:19 Gets attacked again
55:19 This is too easy for Grey Worm
55:20 Tosses his spear
55:21 Long range spear to the chest
55:40 Grey Worm and the Unsullied win the day
55:50 Sees his fleet is destroyed
55:55 Invades the Unsullied fleet
56:00 Destroys the fleet
56:45 Invading Highgarden
56:55 Sees that the sun is setting on Highgarden
57:10 Wins Highgarden
57:40 Lost her ancestral home to the Lannisters
57:48 "And now the rains weep o'er our halls"
57:58 Fighting was never our forte. Golden roses indeed
58:15 "My fond childhood memories won't keep Cersei on the throne"
58:40 Learned from his loss to Robb Stark
58:47 If you learn from your losses, "you must be very wise by now"
58:58 "My father always said I was a slow learner" <- too true, Jaime
59:03 No more learning from my mistakes
59:22 Joffrey "really was a" seaward
59:55 Your sister's cruelty is beyond imagination. She's a monster.
60:15 It's cute how he believes in peace after Cersei has won
60:31 "You poor fool. She'll be the end of you"
60:45 I can be your therapist!
61:04 She's a disease
61:15 Cersei demanded Olenna be killed
61:20 Advocated for an honorable death for Olenna
62:00 Takes her last drink. (Unless, of course, she decides to chug the other one at her death table)
62:20 It must have been horrible to watch me kill your son. Makes him feel like shit.
62:30 Realizes he was just merciful to his son's murderer and he's a damn fool
63:07 Olenna always has the last word, doesn't she