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    June 12, 2016

06:20 Gets a standing ovation for her monolog
07:41 Tends to Arya's wounds
08:12 Stabbed a bunch of her ex lovers then patched them up later when she felt bad about it
09:41 Wants to see the world
09:58 Pours milk of the poppy into wine for Arya
10:11 Drinks Lady Crane's milk of the poppy
11:50 At campfire
11:50 Cuts him down with an axe
11:53 Cuts him down with an axe
11:56 Cuts him down with an axe
12:10 Cuts his abdomen open
12:10 You're shit at dying, you know that?
12:19 Cuts him down with an axe
12:56 Is it?
13:01 Very pleased with himself based on the success of his plan so far
13:07 Shaving with a straight razor can still cut your throat
13:12 Spoken like a man who has never had to shave
13:26 If I don't return, you'll know I was wrong
13:36 Has a plan to cultivate allies
13:49 Can't be seen with the most famous dwarf in the city
13:50 Travels to Westeros where he is a wanted fugitive
13:58 The most famous dwarf in the world
14:38 Makes fun of the way he delivers news
15:15 Refuses to go with him to meet the High Sparrow, insists he come to her instead
15:22 "It is a request, you are asking for something and I am refusing."
15:37 Stands his ground against Cersei
15:44 "Get out"
16:08 "I choose violence"
16:28 Chokes a member of the Faith Militant
16:32 Rips head off of a member of the Faith Militant
16:53 "Please tell his Holiness, he is welcome to visit any time"
17:11 "You have a keen military mind Pod"
17:40 "Tell Ser Jaime, I have his sword"
17:47 Play fights with Podrick and gets him in a headlock
17:53 "Aren't you getting a bit old to be a squire?"
18:03 "I thought you'd be dead by now"
18:04 I'm not dead yet
18:25 Jokes about fucking Brienne, makes him uncomfortable
18:35 The way all women look at him is irritating
18:42 "You're the one with the magic cock"
18:51 Doesn't believe Podrick is being trained well by Brienne
19:00 "How come an old cunt like me was able to sneak up on you then?"
19:00 "How come an old cunt like me was able to sneak up on you then?
19:19 Slaps Podrick by tricking him
19:34 "I never thought that you would find her"
19:35 Righteous indignation at Jaime's surprise she accomplished her mission
19:40 "You don't know many girls like her"
20:01 Mocks Brienne's stubbornness and persistence
20:15 Does everything she can to make her mission succeed
20:15 Mocks Sansa's plan to retake Winterfell
20:42 Questions his honor as a knight
21:01 Has a win-win scenario to resolve hostilities
21:17 "Have you ever met the Blackfish?"
21:22 The Blackfish is even more stubborn than you are
21:53 Doesn't take Brienne's sword back
22:42 Informs Ser Jaime, their relationship will not impact her honor if there is a fight
22:50 Doesn't want to fight Brienne (a second time)
23:07 "I don't know her signature, and I don't know you"
23:21 "Yes, yes, Brienne of Tarth. I know your father. Good man, and I would tell him the same thing if he were here"
23:37 "We can last longer than your one handed friend thinks we can"
23:40 Denies being friends with her bestie Ser Jaime
23:47 General dressing down
23:47 Don't let him in
23:58 Stands her ground against the Blackfish's verbal assault
24:35 Can't (won't) help his niece
24:39 "Jaime Lannister can bloody well take it the way everyone else does"
25:04 Admits her failure
25:35 Fills her in on the King's announcement after she's demanded to know why she wasn't informed
26:04 Forces Cersei to stand with the other ladies of the court instead of by the throne
27:00 Abolishes trial by combat like the High Septon wants
27:52 Sentences his mother and brother-in-law to a trial by septons
28:25 Confirms a rumor for Cersei
29:07 How come neither of you drink?
29:07 How come neither of you drink?
29:09 Refuses to drink with Tyrion
29:32 Got drunk once
29:33 That's how you know its working
29:52 Toasts their queen
30:26 The Imp's Delight vineyard
30:35 Won't tell a joke at first
31:19 Tells a bad joke
31:36 Explains the concept of a joke to Grey Worm
31:44 Changes her opinion on wine, likes it now
32:04 Tells a much better joke than Tyrion
32:15 Tells his first joke ever
33:42 "I have your word, that's a fine thing indeed"
34:03 Knocked his wife up on their wedding night
34:24 Offers generous terms to Edmure in exchange for his cooperation
34:26 "Do you imagine yourself a decent person"
34:38 Rants about the atrocities his family has committed against House Tully
34:39 Keeps his cool when Edmure is trying to provoke him
34:44 "Rebelling against the crown does have its consequences
34:50 Not negotiating
34:58 "You're an evil man"
35:24 "How do you live with yourself?"
35:55 Puts his golden dick on the table by threatening Edmure's son
36:26 You're my prisoner, you don't have a choice
37:27 Proclaims his love for Cersei
37:51 You don't matter to me, your son doesn't matter to me.... etc.
38:18 Submits to the Kingslayer
38:18 Submits to the Kingslayer
38:51 Why do you think they're letting him come home?
39:04 "You're obeying the fucking Kingslayer's commands"
40:15 Surrenders his ancestral home to the Lannisters and Freys
40:52 Questions his methods
41:52 "Your Lord has given you a command"
42:52 Orders his men to capture his uncle
43:22 Wants to die a good death in his home, won't run
43:39 You'll serve Sansa far better than I ever could
45:34 Escapes Riverrun
45:34 Escapes Riverrun
46:05 Admits his plan was bad and he was wrong about the Masters
46:12 Tells Tyrion to shut up
46:17 Tells Tyrion he doesn't know how to lead the army
46:45 Grabs a knife to protect herself
47:21 Sends Drogon to burn the Master's ships
47:46 "The fuck are you doing here Clegane?"
47:50 For being a traitor
47:50 I'm chasing them, you?
47:57 "You have friends?"
48:09 "Not anymore, they're mine"
48:14 Fuck your name
48:20 Drop that bloody arrow you girl
48:25 Tougher girls than you have tried
48:41 Convinces Beric to let him kill two of the outlaws
48:54 Hangs him
48:55 Hangs him
48:56 Sentenced the traitor death
48:56 Hanging? Where's the punishment in that?
49:23 Boasts there was a time he would have killed all of them just to kill those three he was hunting
49:24 "You're getting old Clegane"
49:43 Steals Lem's boots while he is still choking to death
50:17 "I prefer chicken"
50:46 Lots of shit gets done in this world for something bigger than us
51:17 I beat ya because I'm better
51:47 Doesn't take the bait from Clegane and continues making his pitch to join them
53:24 If you had done your job she would have died painlessly
53:51 Jumps out of a second story window
55:10 Jumps off a ledge
55:35 Jumps off another ledge
56:50 Leaves a trail of blood for The Waif to follow as a trap
57:30 It will all be over soon... on your knees or on your feet?
57:31 Not phased by Needle
57:47 Stands and draws Needle, cuts the candle in half
58:51 Killed the lights, then killed her
59:08 Pulls her sword on Jaqen
59:32 "A girl is Arya Stark of Winterfell, and I am going home"
59:54 Somehow he knew this was going to happen