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    May 15, 2016

06:00 Abandoned his post as Lord Commander
07:00 Reunited with her half brother Jon
07:00 Reunited with his half sister Sansa
08:00 Forgave Sansa for being a jerk when they were younger
08:00 Lamented leaving Winterfell
08:00 "You were horrible"
08:00 Apologized for being a jerk to Jon as a child
08:00 Lamented leaving Winterfell also
09:00 Humblebrag
09:00 Decided to stick with Sansa and Brienne instead of aimlessly moping around the North
09:00 Choked on her wine
09:00 Inspired Jon to retake Winterfell
09:00 Lacks conviction in his ability to win with a Wildling army
10:00 "I'm tired of fighting"
10:00 "I thought Stannis was the Prince that was Promised"
11:00 Approached Davos and Lady Melisandre about Stannis' execution
11:00 Demanded answers
11:00 Still covered for Stannis' atrocities after his death
12:00 Can't contain his disgust for Lord Arryn
12:00 Great execution story
13:00 Insinuated Lord Royce was responsible for Sansa being kidnapped
13:00 Gave a gift to Lord Arryn
13:00 Made a decision as a Lord
13:00 Questioned Littlefinger's scheming
14:00 Threatened him
14:00 Got a promotion
14:00 Threatened Lord Royce to get back in line successfully
14:00 Stayed cool under pressure and leveraged his nephew's authority
14:00 Mobilized the Knights of the Vale
14:00 Had to humble himself before Robyn Arryn
16:00 "We make peace with our enemies, not our friends"
16:00 "And how many days were you a slave?"
16:00 Gave him the ol' "you got served" look
16:00 "I kill my Queen's enemies"
16:00 "How has the military approach been working?"
17:00 "I was born richer than all of you"
17:00 Made an offer of peace to the Masters
17:00 "Not anymore"
18:00 "Fine, fine but you'll do it all the same"
18:00 Gave the masters prositutes
19:00 "See if it isn't as good as before"
19:00 Spoke terrible Valyrian
19:00 "Perhaps I should translate for you"
21:00 Backed up Tyrion even though she didn't believe his plan would work
21:00 Helped Tyrion out
21:00 The freedmen trust him
22:00 "My loyalty is to the Queen, not you"
22:00 "I trust their self interest"
23:00 "They see a weapon"
23:00 "You can't ride the dragon"
23:00 Old jokes
23:00 "You'll disappoint her before long"
23:00 "Their contempt is their weakness"
23:00 Boasted of his sexual prowess
23:00 "I don't want to fight you, what do I have to gain?"
23:00 "Take a rest"
23:00 "We need each other"
23:00 "You didn't get much discipline as a child"
24:00 "Asking a dog to turn in his teeth"
24:00 Came up with the plan
24:00 Expert on Vaes Dothrak
24:00 Old jokes
25:00 Didn't freak out about Jorah's grey scale
25:00 "I know what happens" - regarding his grey scale
26:00 The Dothraki didn't believe his wine merchant cover story
26:00 Rescued Jorah from Dothraki
27:00 Snapped Dothraki's neck
27:00 Strangles unknown Dothraki
27:00 Stabbed Dothraki with his knife
27:00 Fixed the problem by smashing it with a rock
27:00 Stranged by Dothraki
28:00 The older Dosh Khaleen for being xenophobic
29:00 "I will never run from Dothraki"
29:00 "Yes too bad" about her husband living four years too long into their marriage
29:00 Agreed with Dany about the smelly older women
29:00 "Too bad he didn't die sooner"
29:00 The older Dosh Khaleen smell terrible
29:00 Threatened Dany
30:00 Held at knife point
30:00 "All we can do is try"
30:00 Interrupted the Kahls
30:00 "We can do more than that"
31:00 "I would go to my brother, my husband, etc."
32:00 "Seeking out your family means seeking out sin"
33:00 Doesn't take Marge's bait, kept telling his story
33:00 Gave up all his wealth but still ended up very powerful
33:00 Mocked his story
35:00 Going barefoot is hardcore
36:00 Comforted Loras
36:00 "I can't stay strong"
36:00 Doesn't care about his house anymore
36:00 Cried
37:00 "Why are you speaking to my son?"
37:00 "Make it stop, please"
37:00 Gave Loras a pep talk
37:00 Figured out the High Sparrow's plan
37:00 Listened to his advisors
37:00 Gave Tommen good counsel
38:00 Doesn't want to escalate situation with High Sparrow
38:00 Defused hostile situation between his mother and Pycelle
38:00 Stood up to Cersei
38:00 Comforted Loras
38:00 Took his time leaving, gave a look at Cersei on his way out
39:00 Said the right things about Margaery
39:00 Comforted Tommen
40:00 "I am your mother, you can always trust me"
40:00 Dismissed her from entering Small Council meeting
40:00 Came up with a plan to rescue Marge using a loophole
40:00 Made a good point about Cersei's value as an advisor to Tommen due to his trust
41:00 "Well done to us then"
41:00 "Oh no, that cannot happen"
41:00 "Many will die no matter what we do"
41:00 You've been publically shamed, what's left to work with?
41:00 "Well done to us then"
41:00 Stood up to the Queen of Thorns
42:00 Stood up to Jaime and rejected his plan on the King's orders
42:00 Appealed to Olenna and Kevan's parental feelings
43:00 Returned home
43:00 "Of course I want him back"
43:00 Agreed to fight the Boltons
44:00 "I can't hear you"
44:00 Had to repeat himself
44:00 "Theon Greyjoy is dead"
44:00 Shamed Theon
44:00 Spoiled little cunt
45:00 Humbled himself to Yara - "You should rule the Iron Islands, let me help you"
45:00 "That's why I came for you"
45:00 "Do you think any Ironborn wants you to be King?"
46:00 Her appearance
46:00 Forgave her brother
46:00 Not intimidated by Ramsay
46:00 "They put me in chains and a sword at me throat"
47:00 Then I've seen worse
47:00 "Do you eat them after?"
48:00 Cleaned his knife and went back to eating his apple
48:00 Tried to seduce Ramsay
48:00 Doesn't play along with Osha's games
48:00 You don't know what I want
48:00 "You're a better talker than Theon"
48:00 Figured out Osha's plan
48:00 Pointed out that Rickon is his now, not Osha's
48:00 "What use could you have for me?"
49:00 Stabbed in the neck
50:00 Took over reading the Pink Letter from Jon
50:00 Kept sexual tension to himself
50:00 Eye-fucked Brienne
51:00 Bastard
51:00 Told a joke in an awkward situation
51:00 Threatened Rickon
51:00 Threatened Castle Black and the Wildlings there
51:00 Bastard
51:00 "I'm not the Lord Commander anymore"
51:00 Bastard
52:00 "His father's dead, Ramsay killed him"
52:00 Threatened to rape her
52:00 "Bastard"
52:00 Refused to keep reading the Pink Letter in front of Sansa
54:00 "There is always a little blood"
54:00 Overreacting
54:00 Fuck Aggo
55:00 Kept their meeting on track
55:00 Gave a threatening speech
55:00 Nonplussed by threats from the Khals
55:00 "We don't care what you want"
55:00 Threatened to rape her
55:00 You trusted a sorceress like a fool, your baby and husband are dead because of you.
56:00 You are small men
56:00 You are small men
56:00 You are small men
56:00 You are small men
57:00 Burned
57:00 Burned
57:00 Burned
57:00 Burned
57:00 Burned
57:00 Burned
57:00 Burned
57:00 Isn't burned by the fire
57:00 Burned
57:00 Burned
57:00 Knocked over torch
57:00 Burned
57:00 Knocked over torch
57:00 Burned
57:00 Burned
57:00 Burned
57:00 Barred the doors
57:00 Knocked over torch
57:00 Burned
57:00 Burned
57:00 Barred the doors
58:00 Dothraki Guard
58:00 Killed Dothraki guard
59:00 Became the Great Khaleesi of all the Dothraki