The Iron Throne has finished airing and scoring was completed on May 31, 2019 at 5:29 PM EDT. Check out the results for your league!
Rank Name Owner Points
1 House No Ygrittes DK Danielle K 2678.15
2 House I Drink and I Know Things KB Kristian B 1974.77
3 House of Typical Hunks KJ Kevin J 1852.64
4 House Breaker of Review Comments, Father of Audits CJ Chris J 1646.19
5 House A Team Has No Name RJ Richard J 1545.87
6 House You Know Nothing Jon Palay MB Mike B 1161.91
7 House House CovfefeTurnt SC Sam C 868.48
8 House Don't Go Chasing Winterfells JP Jonny P 855.6
9 House Project Snow MM Matt M 832.46
10 House Jorah the Explorer TJ TJ 561.08
11 House Get Rich or Die Tywin KP Kevin P 364.41
12 House LittleHamburgerBoy TW Travis W 0.0