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    Bastard daughter of Oberyn Martell and a noblewoman from Volantis

Tue, Jul 25, 2017
After all the shit talking, it turns out Nymeria Sand wasn't that fearsome of a warrior. Let's look at her on screen achievements: stabbed Areo Hotah in the back, stabbed Trystane Martell in the back, fought a one handed Jaime Lannister to a draw. The elder two Sand Snakes talked a big game, but were easily bested by Euron Greyjoy who was the Westerosi equivalent of coked out of his mind on bloodlust.
Tue, Apr 26, 2016
She got cock blocked by her half sister which ruined a promising start to her playing time. She will have plenty of murder opportunities in the future.
Thu, Apr 14, 2016
Another Sand Snake, who knows if she will start a war with the crown or bring peace to the Seven Kingdoms?
Episode Event Note
The Red Woman 33:00 Insulted Obara Sand "You are a selfish bitch."
The Red Woman 33:00 Displayed bravery "Her? Or me?"
The Red Woman 33:00 Appeared in the episode
The Winds of Winter 43:29 Appeared in the episode
The Winds of Winter 43:29 Insulted by Lady Olenna Tyrell "Anything from you? Good, let the grown women speak"
Stormborn 50:35 Appeared in the episode
Stormborn 50:35 Teased Obara Sand "You can't have them all, it's not fair"
Stormborn 50:45 Teased by Obara Sand "The mountain will crush you with one hand"
Stormborn 50:54 Teased Tyene Sand Mama Mia!
Stormborn 55:08 Attacked King Euron Greyjoy Whip to the neck
Stormborn 55:25 Fought King Euron Greyjoy Fighting them both
Stormborn 55:45 Killed Unnamed Human Kills some random dude
Stormborn 55:47 Attacked King Euron Greyjoy Renews her attack on Euron
Stormborn 55:51 Injured King Euron Greyjoy Knife to the leg
Stormborn 56:00 Fought King Euron Greyjoy Another fight with her
Stormborn 56:02 Killed by King Euron Greyjoy Choke out with her own whip
Stormborn 58:20 Insulted by King Euron Greyjoy Hangs her from the prow with her own whip