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    Younger brother of Lord Hoster Tully, Formerly Captain of the Bloody Gate in the Vale of Arryn

Thu, Apr 14, 2016
Bryden is the most badass person in Westeros over the age of 60. We've seen how good Barristan was in combat at that age so don't count this Riverman out quite yet
Episode Event Note
The Broken Man 22:00 Insulted by Walder "Black Walder" Rivers Called him a coward for fleeing the Red Wedding
The Broken Man 22:00 Appeared in the episode
The Broken Man 22:00 Displayed bravery Ice cold stare.
The Broken Man 23:00 Displayed bravery "Cut his throat" and walks away
The Broken Man 32:00 Insulted Ser Jaime Lannister "The Kingslayer" "Your honor..."
The Broken Man 32:00 Insulted Ser Jaime Lannister "The Kingslayer" "Do you wish to resume your captivity?"
The Broken Man 32:00 Displayed bravery "Hundreds of mine. Thousands of yours."
The Broken Man 33:00 Insulted Ser Jaime Lannister "The Kingslayer" "I'm disappointed."
The Broken Man 33:00 Displayed bravery "As long as I'm standing, the war is not over. Do you have 2 years?"
No One 23:02 Appeared in the episode
No One 23:07 Insulted Brienne of Tarth "I don't know her signature, and I don't know you"
No One 23:21 Insulted Brienne of Tarth "Yes, yes, Brienne of Tarth. I know your father. Good man, and I would tell him the same thing if he were here"
No One 23:37 Insulted Brienne of Tarth "We can last longer than your one handed friend thinks we can"
No One 23:47 Insulted Brienne of Tarth General dressing down
No One 23:47 Insulted Lord Edmure Tully Don't let him in
No One 24:35 Displayed cowardice Can't (won't) help his niece
No One 24:39 Displayed bravery "Jaime Lannister can bloody well take it the way everyone else does"
No One 38:51 Insulted Unnamed Human Why do you think they're letting him come home?
No One 39:04 Insulted Unnamed Human "You're obeying the fucking Kingslayer's commands"
No One 43:22 Displayed bravery Wants to die a good death in his home, won't run
No One 43:39 Displayed bravery You'll serve Sansa far better than I ever could