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    The youngest daughter of Eddard Stark, Currently serving at the House of Black and White in Braavos

Wed, May 11, 2016
Her score doesn't reflect it, but Arya had a good week. Her training montage ended with getting her vision back, that alone would make this week a huge success for her owners. But in addition to that she has picked up several new skills that will undoubtedly prove invaluable.
Thu, May 5, 2016
Her score may not be in great shape, but after at least two ass whuppings from The Waif (and who knows how many more offscreen) Arya passed the Jaqen's test by not saying her name and was told she's no longer a beggar. It would not surprise me if Arya puts in a strong performance next episode - the preview for episode 3 showed her blocking an attack from the Waif, she has not successfully blocked her while blinded at this point
Tue, Apr 12, 2016
Arya's seen better days that's for sure. Get it? Because she was blinded at the end of last season. That's not good, but the silver lining is she's on her way to becoming a Faceless Man. I imagine her training will involve a fair amount of killing, probably in elaborate fashion. This perennial All Star(k) should still deliver big points down the stretch when (if?) she regains her sight.
Episode Event Note
The Red Woman 46:00 Displayed cowardice Begging on the streets
The Red Woman 46:00 Appeared in the episode
The Red Woman 47:00 Attacked by The Waif With a stick
The Red Woman 47:00 Insulted by The Waif The Waif is verbally abusive
The Red Woman 49:00 Defeated in combat by The Waif "See you next week"
Home 30:00 Attacked by The Waif More shit got kicked out of our little heroine
Home 30:00 Insulted by The Waif
Home 30:00 Appeared in the episode
Home 31:00 Displayed bravery A girl has no name. 3x.
Home 32:00 Displayed bravery Passed the test
Oathbreaker 41:14 Appeared in the episode
Oathbreaker 41:22 Attacked by The Waif Starts the duel of sticks off
Oathbreaker 41:22 Fought The Waif It's a fighting sequence, but for ease of scoring we're counting it as one fight
Oathbreaker 41:39 Attacked by The Waif Arya said she is no one, the Waif is unconvinced
Oathbreaker 42:01 Attacked by The Waif The Waif doesn't think bastards count as brothers
Oathbreaker 42:54 Attacked by The Waif She knew The Hound wasn't on Arya's list anymore
Oathbreaker 43:46 Displayed bravery Gets up despite being in bad shape
Oathbreaker 44:18 Defeated The Waif in combat Your training is complete, young Padawan
Oathbreaker 45:45 Displayed bravery Drinks the holy water knowing that she must be no one to regain her vision
The Door 10:00 Appeared in the episode
The Door 10:00 Insulted by The Waif "You're not ready"
The Door 10:00 Displayed bravery Gets up from the ground, though injured
The Door 10:00 Attacked The Waif Second bout
The Door 10:00 Fought The Waif Stick fight
The Door 11:00 Insulted by Jaqen H'ghar "She has a point"
The Door 11:00 Defeated in combat by The Waif Fucked her right up with those fast hands
The Door 11:00 Insulted by The Waif "You'll never be one of us, Lady Stark"
The Door 12:00 Displayed bravery "A girl has no desires"
The Door 13:00 Displayed bravery Got her first assignment.
The Door 17:00 Displayed bravery Snuck into backstage area
The Door 18:00 Displayed cowardice Overstepped her bounds on the assassination
Blood of My Blood 30:00 Displayed bravery Poisoned rum
Blood of My Blood 30:00 Appeared in the episode
Blood of My Blood 31:00 Displayed bravery "So change it"
Blood of My Blood 33:00 Insulted Bianca Accuses her of plotting murder
Blood of My Blood 33:00 Displayed bravery Saves Lady Crane
Blood of My Blood 34:00 Displayed bravery Finds Needle
Blood of My Blood 35:00 Displayed bravery Ready to stick The Waif with the pointy end
The Broken Man 47:01 Displayed bravery Can afford it
The Broken Man 47:01 Appeared in the episode
The Broken Man 47:01 Insulted by Unnamed Human "Can't afford it"
The Broken Man 48:00 Injured by The Waif Knife to the belly
The Broken Man 48:00 Displayed bravery Can double afford it. See you at sunrise.
The Broken Man 48:00 Attacked by The Waif KNIFFFEED
The Broken Man 49:00 Displayed bravery Gets away
No One 05:16 Appeared in the episode
No One 09:41 Displayed bravery Wants to see the world
No One 10:11 Took an alcoholic drink Drinks Lady Crane's milk of the poppy
No One 53:24 Insulted by The Waif If you had done your job she would have died painlessly
No One 53:51 Displayed bravery Jumps out of a second story window
No One 55:35 Displayed bravery Jumps off another ledge
No One 56:50 Displayed bravery Leaves a trail of blood for The Waif to follow as a trap
No One 57:47 Displayed bravery Stands and draws Needle, cuts the candle in half
No One 58:51 Killed The Waif Killed the lights, then killed her
No One 59:08 Displayed bravery Pulls her sword on Jaqen
No One 59:32 Displayed bravery "A girl is Arya Stark of Winterfell, and I am going home"
The Winds of Winter 27:50 Appeared in the episode
The Winds of Winter 27:50 Poured an alcoholic drink
The Winds of Winter 52:25 Killed Walder "Black Walder" Rivers Frey Pie!
The Winds of Winter 52:25 Displayed bravery Reveals how she killed Walder's sons
The Winds of Winter 52:25 Killed Lothar Frey Frey Pie!
The Winds of Winter 53:10 Killed Lord Walder Frey Slits his throat with a knife and gently holds his head while he bleeds out
Dragonstone 03:52 Performed a feat of magic Wearing Walder Frey's face
Dragonstone 03:52 Appeared in the episode
Dragonstone 05:23 Insulted Lady Kitty Frey "Not going to waste good wine on a woman"
Dragonstone 06:26 Insulted Lord Walder Frey Wearing Walder's face, Arya describes the crimes of the Frey family
Dragonstone 06:38 Killed a bunch of unnamed characters Poisoned the Freys at a feast
Dragonstone 07:22 Threatened Lady Kitty Frey "Winter came for House Frey"
Dragonstone 07:23 Completed a long personal quest Successfully destroyed House Frey, Avenging the deaths of her Mother and Brother at the Red Wedding
Dragonstone 41:33 Manipulated Unnamed Human Gathers information from Lannister soldiers by playing innocent
Dragonstone 42:59 Took an alcoholic drink Blackberry Wine (1)
Dragonstone 43:21 Took an alcoholic drink Blackberry Wine (2)
Dragonstone 43:26 Threatened Queen Cersei Lannister "I'm going to kill the Queen"
Stormborn 36:57 Appeared in the episode
Stormborn 37:19 Dropped a witty line Asks who the food is for then just up and takes it.
Stormborn 37:25 Praised Hot Pie Loves his bread
Stormborn 38:18 Poured an alcoholic drink
Stormborn 38:25 Finished an alcoholic drink
Stormborn 38:45 Learned of positive development Learns Jon Snow is king now!
Stormborn 39:22 Praised by Hot Pie "I can't believe I thought you were a boy. You're Pretty!"
Stormborn 40:00 Acted honorably Forsakes her bloodlust for family
Stormborn 48:40 Displayed bravery Standing up to the wolves and approaches Nymeria despite her fear
Stormborn 49:00 Threatened by Nymeria Don't come closer
The Spoils of War 12:10 Appeared in the episode
The Spoils of War 12:35 Insulted by Unnamed Human "Fuck off"
The Spoils of War 13:00 Insulted by Unnamed Human "It's cold, and we're busy, so you know. Best fuck off"
The Spoils of War 13:18 Learned of positive development Arya finds out Sansa is alive
The Spoils of War 13:23 Insulted by Unnamed Human "Lady Sansa is too busy to waste her breath on you, just like us. So for the last time, fuck off!"
The Spoils of War 13:31 Attacked by Unnamed Human Guard tries to hit Arya
The Spoils of War 13:34 Threatened Unnamed Human "I'm getting into this castle one way or another..."
The Spoils of War 13:41 Threatened Unnamed Human "...But if I am, and Sansa finds out you turned me away."
The Spoils of War 13:57 Issued a command by Unnamed Human "You sit there, right there"
The Spoils of War 14:30 Completed a long personal quest Arya makes it back to Winterfell
The Spoils of War 15:25 Issued a command by Lady Sansa Stark "Do I have to call you Lady Sansa now?" "Yes"
The Spoils of War 15:48 Insulted Unnamed Human "I didn't run..."
The Spoils of War 15:50 Insulted Unnamed Human "... You need better guards"
The Spoils of War 16:02 Praised Lady Sansa Stark "It suits you: Lady Stark"
The Spoils of War 17:52 Learned of positive development Arya finds out Bran is alive
The Spoils of War 20:30 Learned of positive development +1 knife (from Bran)
The Spoils of War 29:30 Teased Brienne of Tarth "Don't fight someone like her in the first place"
The Spoils of War 29:34 Praised by Brienne of Tarth "Nice sword...very nice dagger"
The Spoils of War 30:10 Praised Brienne of Tarth "He didn't beat the Hound...you did"
The Spoils of War 30:41 Fought Brienne of Tarth Training at Winterfell
The Spoils of War 30:58 Attacked Brienne of Tarth Training at Winterfell
The Spoils of War 31:58 Dropped a witty line "No one"
Eastwatch 29:01 Appeared in the episode
Eastwatch 29:40 Insulted Lady Sansa Stark "He didn't, he trusted you to hold it for him."
Eastwatch 30:01 Manipulated Lady Sansa Stark Speech about how Sansa had secretly always wanted power
Eastwatch 30:32 Advised by Lady Sansa Stark Explains that the opinions of Royce and Glover are important because of how many men they contribute to Jon's army
Eastwatch 30:38 Gave advice to Lady Sansa Stark "Not if they lose their heads first"
Eastwatch 30:52 Advised by Lady Sansa Stark "Cutting off heads is very satisfying but that's not the way you get people to work together"
Eastwatch 31:15 Insulted Lady Sansa Stark "You're thinking it right now" - accusing Sansa of conspiring against Jon
Eastwatch 52:27 Manipulated by Lord Petyr "Littlefinger" Baelish Leads Arya to Sansa's letter on purpose
Beyond The Wall 09:53 Appeared in the episode
Beyond The Wall 10:01 Insulted Lady Sansa Stark "You were probably inside knitting all the time"
Beyond The Wall 11:35 Insulted Lady Sansa Stark "...with your help"
Beyond The Wall 12:43 Insulted Lady Sansa Stark "And you were stupid enough to believe them"
Beyond The Wall 13:37 Insulted by Lady Sansa Stark "While you were off, where? Traveling the world?"
Beyond The Wall 14:38 Threatened Lady Sansa Stark Arya implies that she could show the letter to the Northern lords, eroding their support for Sansa
Beyond The Wall 62:57 Threatened Lady Sansa Stark "They're not here now"
Beyond The Wall 65:05 Threatened Lady Sansa Stark "I could even become you...all I need is your face"
The Dragon and the Wolf 11:40 Praised by Brienne of Tarth "The only one who will need protecting is the one who gets in her way"
The Dragon and the Wolf 11:40 Appeared in the episode
The Dragon and the Wolf 57:18 Dropped a witty line "Get on with it"
The Dragon and the Wolf 59:27 Insulted Lord Petyr "Littlefinger" Baelish You lied about this knife belonging to Tyrion
The Dragon and the Wolf 61:18 Killed Lord Petyr "Littlefinger" Baelish Efficiency.
The Dragon and the Wolf 73:49 Praised Lady Sansa Stark "You did the right thing"
The Dragon and the Wolf 74:05 Praised Lady Sansa Stark "I was never going to be as good a lady as you"
The Dragon and the Wolf 74:15 Praised Lady Sansa Stark "I never could have survived what you survied"
The Dragon and the Wolf 74:16 Praised by Lady Sansa Stark "You would have. You're the strongest person I know"
The Dragon and the Wolf 74:30 Teased by Lady Sansa Stark "Don't get used to it. You're still very strange and annoying"
The Dragon and the Wolf 75:00 Learned of positive development Sister Act