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    Bastard daughter of Oberyn Martell and a septa

Tue, Apr 26, 2016
Tyene killed Areo Hotah for no goddamn reason. That's points, but she shouldn't feel good about it.
Thu, Apr 14, 2016
One of the Sand Snakes. This is the one who wants to fuck Bronn for some reason.
Episode Event Note
The Red Woman 31:00 Appeared in the episode
The Red Woman 31:00 Killed Areo Hotah Stabbed in the back.
The Winds of Winter 43:22 Appeared in the episode
The Winds of Winter 43:26 Insulted by Lady Olenna Tyrell "Do shut up"
Stormborn 50:35 Appeared in the episode
Stormborn 50:39 Teased by Obara Sand "She's not my mama"
Stormborn 50:54 Teased by Nymeria Sand Mama Mia!
Stormborn 50:54 Teased by Obara Sand Mama Mia!
Stormborn 51:00 Teased Obara Sand I'll kill you both so I won't have to share!
Stormborn 54:09 Killed Unnamed Human The knife hits a face
Stormborn 54:09 Attacked Unnamed Human Throws a knife
Stormborn 54:15 Issued a command by Yara Greyjoy Protect Ellaria
Stormborn 54:31 Attacked Unnamed Human Attacks the soldiers who come to get her
Stormborn 55:29 Killed Unnamed Human Knife kill
Stormborn 55:29 Injured Unnamed Human Dick stab
Stormborn 56:12 Defeated in combat by Unnamed Human She gets taken
Stormborn 56:14 Learned of negative development Captured
The Queen's Justice 21:22 Appeared in the episode
The Queen's Justice 21:22 Insulted by King Euron Greyjoy Dragging her through the streets of King's Landing
The Queen's Justice 22:30 Insulted by Unnamed Human "Whore"
The Queen's Justice 27:09 Praised by Queen Cersei Lannister "A perfect Dornish beauty"
The Queen's Justice 28:32 Displayed affection with Queen Cersei Lannister Kisses her on the lips
The Queen's Justice 30:00 Killed by Queen Cersei Lannister Tyene is going to die