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    The Faith

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    A common septon who leads a rabidly fanatic sect of the Faith, Raised to the office of the High Septon after the previous was removed from office

Mon, Jun 6, 2016
The High Sparrow is feeling pretty good about himself right now. Margaery may be passing notes to his enemies, but she is relatively impotent toward him at the moment. Not a lot of people can get away with telling the Queen she doesn't need to enjoy sex she just needs to wait it out. Personally I think the HS may be giving Tommen a little too much credit, I can't imagine many 14 year old boys lasting long enough to require patience....
Sat, Jun 4, 2016
Compared to his median draft position, no one has overperformed more than the High Sparrow. He has taken a firm hold on the trust of King Tommen and has neutralized the threat against the faith from the Lannister and Tyrell factions. I'm not sold on him surviving to see the end of the Game of Thrones, but I would count on him playing a prominent role for at least a little while longer.
Wed, May 11, 2016
The High Sparrow is having a very quiet, very successful season so far. He is expertly handling Tommen and the Tyrells. The Lannister twins will be a thorn in his side but he seems incapable of dealing with them in a way that doesn't infuriate them further.
Thu, May 5, 2016
The High Sparrow is juuuuust outside the Top 5 in scoring this season, he continues to be a major thorn in the side of House Lannister and he is more than willing to flex his muscles with Ser Jaime. Thankfully for the other Sparrows, the Kingslayer didn't call the Sparrows bluff and end his tenure as the High Septon.
Tue, Apr 26, 2016
Is anyone more condescending in the Seven Kingdoms than the High Sparrow? He manages to be holier than thou while also being the best at being humble. Very impressive start for the wily veteran. Expect him to continue to be both wily and a veteran going forward.
Thu, Apr 14, 2016
The High Sparrow pulled his dick out and put it on the royal table last season. He's got two Tyrell's imprisoned, embarassed the Queen in a way no one had thought possible before, AND has an army of rabidly loyal religious fantatics. This could go one of two ways: either he's a genius and a top 10 finisher in points this season or he tries to do too much too fast and everything falls apart and he dies a horrific death. Either way, worth a third round pick if you ask me
Episode Event Note
The Red Woman 29:00 Displayed bravery Wise, but cruel words. He always takes the high road.
The Red Woman 29:00 Appeared in the episode
The Red Woman 30:00 Insulted Queen Margaery Tyrell She has a much longer road to walk to be clear of sin. Bless her heart.
Home 19:00 Appeared in the episode
Home 19:00 Displayed bravery "Quite the contrary, I fear a great deal"
Home 20:00 Displayed bravery "I deserve death. We all do."
Home 21:00 Displayed bravery "Who are we? We are beggars. And yet we overthrow an empire."
Oathbreaker 37:23 Appeared in the episode
Oathbreaker 37:43 Displayed bravery Yeah... Your mother can't see her daughter
Oathbreaker 38:17 Displayed bravery Quotes Cersei back to Tommen
Oathbreaker 38:38 Displayed bravery Motions his guards away, and requests Tommen do the same
Book of the Stranger 31:00 Appeared in the episode
Book of the Stranger 32:00 Insulted Queen Margaery Tyrell "Seeking out your family means seeking out sin"
Book of the Stranger 33:00 Displayed bravery Doesn't take Marge's bait, kept telling his story
Book of the Stranger 33:00 Displayed bravery Gave up all his wealth but still ended up very powerful
Book of the Stranger 33:00 Insulted by Queen Margaery Tyrell Mocked his story
Book of the Stranger 35:00 Displayed bravery Going barefoot is hardcore
Book of the Stranger 39:00 Insulted by Queen Cersei Lannister
Blood of My Blood 13:00 Appeared in the episode
Blood of My Blood 13:00 Displayed bravery Had power over discussion with tommen
Blood of My Blood 36:00 Displayed bravery Speech before crowds
Blood of My Blood 36:00 Insulted Queen Margaery Tyrell "She disgraced her house"
Blood of My Blood 38:00 Displayed bravery "Dying would please us"
Blood of My Blood 39:00 Displayed bravery Wins by taking Tommen into the Sept
Blood of My Blood 40:00 Displayed bravery Got what he wanted
The Broken Man 10:00 Displayed bravery Always sage and wise and manipulative
The Broken Man 10:00 Appeared in the episode
The Broken Man 11:00 Displayed bravery Exerting manipulative power over Margaery
The Broken Man 11:00 Displayed bravery Threatens Olenna with prison
The Winds of Winter 06:24 Appeared in the episode
The Winds of Winter 11:22 Defeated Ser Loras Tyrell in combat Forces Loras to confess to his sins, renounce his titles, and join the Faith Militant
The Winds of Winter 14:14 Insulted by Queen Margaery Tyrell Accuses the High Sparrow of breaking his word
The Winds of Winter 19:22 Insulted Queen Margaery Tyrell Refuses to listen to Margaery
The Winds of Winter 19:23 Insulted by Queen Margaery Tyrell Speaks to the High Sparrow like a child
The Winds of Winter 19:35 Insulted by Queen Margaery Tyrell "Forget the bloody gods"
The Winds of Winter 21:23 Killed by Queen Cersei Lannister Wild Fire