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    Son of the beheaded Rickard Karstark and current head of House Karstark

Thu, May 5, 2016
The new Lord Karstark made his debut this week and appears to be a close confidante of the new Lord Bolton. He didn't seem very surprised when Ramsay killed his father meaning he knew about the plan ahead of time (making him potentially much more valuable fantasy wise) or because he recognizes Ramsay is crazy and hates the Starks so much he's willing to look past it.
Episode Event Note
Home 32:00 Displayed bravery "It's time for new blood in the North."
Home 32:00 Appeared in the episode
Oathbreaker 46:21 Appeared in the episode
Oathbreaker 46:30 Took an alcoholic drink
Oathbreaker 48:42 Insulted by Smalljon Umber Implies Karstark is a diddler
Battle of the Bastards 14:00 Appeared in the episode