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    Son of Greatjon Umber, a fiercely loyal Stark bannerman

Wed, May 11, 2016
He may be called the small Jon, but its clear his balls are enormous. Great debut from an excellent character
Thu, Apr 14, 2016
The Greatjon Umber's oldest son. He's got a few scores to settle but we don't know much about him other than that he's apparently slightly smaller than the Greatjon
Episode Event Note
Oathbreaker 46:24 Appeared in the episode
Oathbreaker 46:37 Insulted Lord Ramsay Bolton "Your father was a cunt."
Oathbreaker 46:45 Insulted Lord Ramsay Bolton Again: "Your father was a cunt." Dude has balls.
Oathbreaker 46:47 Displayed bravery Lets Ramsay know that he knows Ramsay's guilty of patricide
Oathbreaker 47:08 Displayed bravery Calls Harald and Ramsay "fuckers"
Oathbreaker 47:49 Insulted Lord Ramsay Bolton He won't kiss his hand or kneel in front of him
Oathbreaker 48:42 Insulted Lord Harald Karstark Implies Karstark is a diddler
Battle of the Bastards 14:00 Appeared in the episode
Battle of the Bastards 43:00 Displayed bravery Leads his own men to march
Battle of the Bastards 45:00 Killed Unnamed Human As he walks up the hill
Battle of the Bastards 45:00 Attacked Unnamed Human Leads attack down
Battle of the Bastards 46:00 Killed Unnamed Human Slash!
Battle of the Bastards 47:00 Killed Unnamed Human
Battle of the Bastards 48:00 Fought Tormund Giantsbane
Battle of the Bastards 49:00 Injured Tormund Giantsbane Head smash
Battle of the Bastards 50:00 Killed by Tormund Giantsbane Neck chomp. Stab.