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    A close ally of the Sons of the Harpy

Wed, May 11, 2016
It looks like Marei won't be helping the Sons of the Harpy for much longer. If she can replicate her 20 point performance in a few more episodes she could have some value as a bench player, but I wouldn't want to gamble on her at this point as a starter. People who drafted Marei should hold onto her or try to trade her to someone with a lot of player turnover due to deaths.
Wed, Apr 13, 2016
Marei is responsible for the deaths of several Unsullied, how much longer can she stay incognito before she gets caught?
Episode Event Note
Oathbreaker 25:22 Appeared in the episode
Oathbreaker 26:42 Displayed bravery Insults the queen, the Second Sons, and the Unsullied
Oathbreaker 27:33 Insulted Lord Varys "The Spider" "Yes, you're a true liberator, aren't you? You won't torture me, you'll just threaten my son."