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    Disgraced maester, Currently serving as Master of Whisperers for King Tommen Baratheon

Wed, Apr 13, 2016
Qyburn's been busy doing illicit experiments and collecting everyone's secrets. Something tells me his new pal Ser Robert Strong will protect him going forward
Episode Event Note
Oathbreaker 32:21 Appeared in the episode
No One 14:25 Appeared in the episode
No One 14:38 Insulted by Queen Cersei Lannister Makes fun of the way he delivers news
No One 28:25 Displayed bravery Confirms a rumor for Cersei
The Winds of Winter 15:41 Appeared in the episode
The Winds of Winter 16:10 Sentenced Grand Maester Pycelle to death Death by little birds
The Winds of Winter 67:30 Displayed bravery Promoted to Hand of the Queen
Stormborn 14:32 Appeared in the episode
Stormborn 16:00 Dropped a witty line "We are currently at work on a solution........"
Stormborn 21:30 Acted honorably Does his grim work with dutiful pride and brilliance
The Queen's Justice 22:50 Appeared in the episode
The Queen's Justice 28:48 Praised by Queen Cersei Lannister "Qyburn is the cleverest man I know"
Eastwatch 12:01 Appeared in the episode
Eastwatch 40:28 Appeared in the episode
The Dragon and the Wolf 08:51 Appeared in the episode
The Dragon and the Wolf 42:24 Issued a command by Queen Cersei Lannister Tells Qyburn to (pretend to) call the banners