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    Betrayed his liege lord Robb Stark to become Warden of the North, Lord of the Dreadfort

Thu, May 5, 2016
Lord Roose Bolton was slain in an act of kinslaying by his legitimized bastard son. He probably should have seen that coming, Ramsay is a fucking maniac.
Tue, Apr 26, 2016
Roose put Ramsay in his place and made it very clear that if he fails to find Sansa his unborn son will succeed him as Warden of the North and Lord of the Dreadfort. Roose is aware of how many enemies he has made by accepting Littlefinger's marriage proposal among his numerous other betrayals. Going forward Roose should be owned, but probably not started unless your league plays three or more characters. Not quite a "sell high" candidate, but if you can get rid of him for someone who is more likely to do some fighting, Roose hasn't killed anyone since Robb Stark at the Red Wedding.
Wed, Apr 13, 2016
The Warden of the North defeated Stannis Baratheon last season but shouldn't feel comfortable on his thrown. The loyalty of his new vassals is untested and he has a maniac for a son who was recently legitimized as his heir. Roose may not make it to the end of this season or he could be the last one standing after the series finale
Episode Event Note
The Red Woman 16:00 Insulted Lord Ramsay Bolton "It will take more than burning wagons to defeat the Lannisters. You lost Sansa Stark"
The Red Woman 16:00 Appeared in the episode
The Red Woman 17:00 Insulted Lord Ramsay Bolton Threatens to disown his pre-owned son
The Red Woman 17:00 Poured an alcoholic drink
Home 33:00 Appeared in the episode
Home 33:00 Displayed bravery Received a male heir
Home 33:00 Insulted Lord Ramsay Bolton "If you act like a mad dog, you will be treated as one. Taken out to the back for slaughter."
Home 34:00 Killed by Lord Ramsay Bolton Knife to the heart of his father.
Home 34:00 Attacked by Lord Ramsay Bolton