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    Eldest daughter of Mace Tyrell, Currently married to King Tommen Baratheon, Previously married to King Renly and King Joffrey Baratheon

Mon, Jun 6, 2016
It was an up and down week for the Queen of the Seven Kingdoms. She totaled 3 bravery scores but is clearly under the thumb of the High Sparrow and that's not going to change in the near future. I think we were all reassured when we saw the note she passed to the Queen of Thorns without Septa Unella seeing. Don't put her on the waiver wire yet, unless it's to pick up a Benjen/The Hound type player but you don't want her in your lineup either. In deeper leagues she's worth a dice role, but I would rather have a higher upside player like a dragon or Wun Wun in that spot.
Wed, Apr 13, 2016
Poor Queen Marge is locked up by religious fanatics and her husband is being a major pussy right now. Hopefully the Queen will be able to get out of jail but until then her potential for scoring remains low. Her trial will determine the quality of this season (not sure how she will do in a trial by combat especially with her presumed champion, Loras, also imprisoned)
Episode Event Note
The Red Woman 29:00 Insulted by Septa Unella Confess
The Red Woman 29:00 Displayed cowardice Cowers when Unella advances
The Red Woman 29:00 Appeared in the episode
The Red Woman 30:00 Insulted by High Sparrow She has a much longer road to walk to be clear of sin. Bless her heart.
Book of the Stranger 30:00 Appeared in the episode
Book of the Stranger 31:00 Displayed bravery "I would go to my brother, my husband, etc."
Book of the Stranger 32:00 Insulted by High Sparrow "Seeking out your family means seeking out sin"
Book of the Stranger 33:00 Insulted High Sparrow Mocked his story
Book of the Stranger 33:00 Insulted Septa Unella
Book of the Stranger 36:00 Displayed bravery Comforted Loras
Book of the Stranger 37:00 Displayed bravery Gave Loras a pep talk
Book of the Stranger 37:00 Displayed bravery Figured out the High Sparrow's plan
Book of the Stranger 38:00 Displayed bravery Comforted Loras
Blood of My Blood 14:00 Displayed bravery Handled prison very well
Blood of My Blood 14:00 Appeared in the episode
Blood of My Blood 15:00 Displayed bravery Manipulated Tommen with talk of High Sparrow
Blood of My Blood 16:00 Displayed bravery Serious personal insight
Blood of My Blood 36:00 Insulted by High Sparrow "She disgraced her house"
Blood of My Blood 39:00 Displayed bravery Wins by getting out of jail free
The Broken Man 10:00 Appeared in the episode
The Broken Man 10:00 Displayed bravery Knows the Mother's Mercy
The Broken Man 11:00 Displayed cowardice Admitted faults over not bedding Tommen
The Broken Man 13:00 Displayed bravery Putting on a great holy show
The Broken Man 14:00 Displayed bravery Slipped her grandmother a secret note, and gets her to go home for safety
The Winds of Winter 06:23 Appeared in the episode
The Winds of Winter 08:20 Displayed bravery Notices Cersei and Tommen's absence from the proceedings
The Winds of Winter 14:14 Insulted High Sparrow Accuses the High Sparrow of breaking his word
The Winds of Winter 19:22 Insulted by High Sparrow Refuses to listen to Margaery
The Winds of Winter 19:23 Insulted High Sparrow Speaks to the High Sparrow like a child
The Winds of Winter 19:35 Insulted High Sparrow "Forget the bloody gods"
The Winds of Winter 19:49 Displayed bravery Tries to evacuate the Sept of Baelor
The Winds of Winter 21:23 Killed by Queen Cersei Lannister Wild Fire