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    Night's Watch

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    A squire from House Tollett, A sworn brother of the Night's Watch

Wed, May 11, 2016
Edd continues to put up less than 20 points a week, but for a third or fourth starter that's pretty good! Who knows what happens to him next week though, the last two Lord Commanders were murdered by their men.
Thu, May 5, 2016
Tormund is the #8 highest scorer so far this season after a tidy little murder when the Wildlings stormed Castle Black. Tormund will continue to be very valuable this season, especially once the wights and White Walkers arrive
Thu, May 5, 2016
A second low key outing from Dolorous Edd Tollett. His situation is greatly improved with Jon alive and Alliser locked up. He has big potential to score points in buckets once the fight against the armies of the dead really begins. A definite trade target moving forward, if a mid-round pick of yours isn't working out he might be a good person to try to dump them for.
Mon, Apr 25, 2016
Edd looks like he's plenty ready to die after the death of his best friend - yeah you heard me Edd and Jon are best friends. Sam's just a fat bitch Jon didn't feel like slowly beating to death in the training yard. Thankfully he's got Ser Davos to help him keep a level head, hopefully Edd makes it out of that room alive and Jon gets ressurected. Actually, maybe it would be better to die now and not have to deal with the quickly approaching ice zombie apocalypse?
Wed, Apr 13, 2016
Dolorous Edd Tollett is suddenly without a powerful ally after Jon's death, he'll probably be more dolorous than usual
Episode Event Note
The Red Woman 04:00 Displayed bravery "We can trust only the men in this room." Severe loyalty.
The Red Woman 04:00 Appeared in the episode
The Red Woman 12:00 Displayed bravery "We all die today"
The Red Woman 13:00 Displayed bravery Leaves to rally wildlings to their cause
Home 12:00 Displayed bravery Invaded Castle Black!
Home 12:00 Appeared in the episode
Home 13:00 Insulted Ser Alliser Thorne "Until you"
Oathbreaker 09:10 Appeared in the episode
Oathbreaker 10:57 Insulted Jon Snow / Aegon Targaryen the 6th "That's funny. You sure that's still you in there?"
Book of the Stranger 05:00 Appeared in the episode
Book of the Stranger 50:00 Displayed bravery Kept sexual tension to himself
Book of the Stranger 51:00 Displayed bravery Told a joke in an awkward situation
The Door 48:00 Displayed bravery Realized he's Lord Commander
The Door 48:00 Appeared in the episode
Dragonstone 11:39 Appeared in the episode
Winterfell 51:31 Appeared in the episode
A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms 26:47 Appeared in the episode
A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms 35:12 Teased by Grandmaester Samwell Tarly "Calling you fucked wouldn't be strictly accurate"
A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms 35:25 Teased Grandmaester Samwell Tarly "Samwell Tarly. Slayer of White Walkers. Lover of Ladies. ...."
The Long Night 07:08 Appeared in the episode
The Long Night 07:14 Insulted Grandmaester Samwell Tarly "Oh for fuck's sake. You took your time."
The Long Night 21:13 Attacked by Wight knocks him to the ground
The Long Night 21:20 Acted honorably Saves Sam
The Long Night 21:20 Killed Wight his attacker
The Long Night 21:21 Killed Wight Sam's attacker
The Long Night 21:37 Killed by Wight And now his watch has ended
The Long Night 62:26 Resurrected by The Night's King I hope Undead Edd is even more sarcastic
The Last of the Starks 08:20 Appeared in the episode Also dead, but looks much better than Beric