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    Sworn sword of King Joffrey, Former member of the Kingsguard who abandoned his post at the Battle of the Blackwater

Mon, Jun 6, 2016
He's back! After missing all of last season recovering from the beatdown Brienne of Tarth put down on him, The Hound made his Season 6 debut in quiet fashion but I'm EXTREMELY optimistic about his prospects for the remaining 3 episodes. Clegane Bowl. Get Hype. #1 Waiver Pick-up for this week. If you're in a league with me, you're too late. I picked him up last night. In the game of thrones, you either win or you die.
Tue, Apr 12, 2016
The last time we saw the Hound, Brienne knocked him off a cliff. I still think he will find a way to kill his brother Gregor though. But for real, as far as we know he's dead
Episode Event Note
The Broken Man 04:00 Appeared in the episode
The Broken Man 04:00 Displayed bravery Is alive and working hard!
The Broken Man 06:00 Insulted by Brother Ray Laughs at his having been killed by a woman
The Broken Man 07:00 Displayed bravery Fought through death and lived
The Broken Man 09:00 Displayed cowardice Wants to be punished for the evil he's done
The Broken Man 46:00 Displayed bravery Knows about the Brotherhood
The Broken Man 47:00 Insulted Brother Ray "You don't cure it by dying either"
The Broken Man 47:00 Displayed bravery Cuts more firewood
The Broken Man 51:00 Displayed bravery Picks up ax to GO GET EM
No One 11:40 Appeared in the episode
No One 11:50 Attacked Unnamed Human At campfire
No One 11:50 Killed Unnamed Human Cuts him down with an axe
No One 11:53 Killed Unnamed Human Cuts him down with an axe
No One 11:56 Killed Unnamed Human Cuts him down with an axe
No One 12:10 Fought Unnamed Human Cuts his abdomen open
No One 12:10 Insulted Unnamed Human You're shit at dying, you know that?
No One 12:19 Killed Unnamed Human Cuts him down with an axe
No One 47:46 Insulted by Thoros of Myr "The fuck are you doing here Clegane?"
No One 47:50 Insulted Thoros of Myr I'm chasing them, you?
No One 47:57 Insulted by Thoros of Myr "You have friends?"
No One 48:09 Displayed bravery "Not anymore, they're mine"
No One 48:14 Insulted Lord Beric Dondarrion Fuck your name
No One 48:20 Insulted Unnamed Human Drop that bloody arrow you girl
No One 48:25 Insulted Unnamed Human Tougher girls than you have tried
No One 48:41 Displayed bravery Convinces Beric to let him kill two of the outlaws
No One 48:54 Killed Lem Lemoncloak Hangs him
No One 48:55 Killed Unnamed Human Hangs him
No One 48:56 Insulted Thoros of Myr Hanging? Where's the punishment in that?
No One 49:19 Sentenced Lem Lemoncloak to death
No One 49:20 Sentenced Unnamed Human to death
No One 49:23 Insulted Lord Beric Dondarrion Boasts there was a time he would have killed all of them just to kill those three he was hunting
No One 49:24 Insulted by Thoros of Myr "You're getting old Clegane"
No One 49:43 Displayed bravery Steals Lem's boots while he is still choking to death
No One 50:17 Displayed bravery "I prefer chicken"
No One 50:20 Took an alcoholic drink
No One 50:46 Insulted Thoros of Myr Lots of shit gets done in this world for something bigger than us
No One 51:17 Insulted Lord Beric Dondarrion I beat ya because I'm better
Dragonstone 43:46 Teased Thoros of Myr Mocks his magical powers
Dragonstone 43:46 Appeared in the episode
Dragonstone 44:11 Teased by Thoros of Myr Mocks his temperament
Dragonstone 44:11 Dropped a witty line "Experience"
Dragonstone 44:56 Teased by Thoros of Myr Calls him soft
Dragonstone 44:59 Teased Thoros of Myr Calls him bald, and mocks his top knot
Dragonstone 46:48 Teased Lord Beric Dondarrion Calls him dull
Dragonstone 46:55 Praised Lord Beric Dondarrion You're not bad, high praise from the Hound
Dragonstone 48:22 Teased Lord Beric Dondarrion Calls him a dumb cunt
Dragonstone 48:55 Advised by Thoros of Myr Tries to help him understand the Lord of Light
Dragonstone 50:26 Displayed cowardice Scared by his vision in the flames
Dragonstone 51:00 Acted honorably Buries the dead
Dragonstone 52:42 Acted honorably Eulogizes the dead people
Eastwatch 55:58 Appeared in the episode
Eastwatch 56:23 Insulted by Gendry The Hound shouldn't be trusted either because he's part of the Brotherhood now
Eastwatch 57:35 Teased Lord Beric Dondarrion "For fuck's sake, will you shut your hole?"
Eastwatch 58:05 Learned of positive development Freed from cell
Eastwatch 58:50 Displayed bravery Heads out from the Eastwatch gate North of the Wall
Beyond The Wall 04:27 Appeared in the episode
Beyond The Wall 06:37 Teased Gendry "Sounds all right so far"
Beyond The Wall 06:42 Teased Gendry "Was she naked too?"
Beyond The Wall 07:02 Teased Gendry "This man's been killed six times, you don't hear him bitching about it."
Beyond The Wall 15:41 Teased by Tormund Giantsbane "They told me you were mean."
Beyond The Wall 15:46 Teased Tormund Giantsbane "I don't give two shits about Wildlings. Gingers I hate."
Beyond The Wall 15:53 Teased Tormund Giantsbane *swat* Don't point at me
Beyond The Wall 15:53 Teased by Tormund Giantsbane "Just like you!"
Beyond The Wall 16:06 Teased by Tormund Giantsbane "And ever since you've been mean."
Beyond The Wall 16:23 Teased Tormund Giantsbane "I bet you do [like dick]"
Beyond The Wall 26:44 Displayed cowardice Still afraid of fire
Beyond The Wall 27:14 Displayed cowardice Still won't save his buddy Thoros. Face your fears brah.
Beyond The Wall 34:12 Attacked Unnamed Wight Dives on top of that dead son of a bitch
Beyond The Wall 39:18 Attacked Unnamed Wight Kicks the thing in the back
Beyond The Wall 39:54 Acted honorably Kneels and gives a Hound-style eulogy
Beyond The Wall 40:10 Took an alcoholic drink A dead man doesn't need wine
Beyond The Wall 40:21 Took an alcoholic drink A short sip interrupted by Jon Snow
Beyond The Wall 42:30 Teased Lord Beric Dondarrion "Careful, Beric. You lost your priest"
Beyond The Wall 42:40 Dropped a witty line "Don't see how the Lord of Light should be any Different"
Beyond The Wall 46:46 Injured Unnamed Wight Breaks a jaw with a stone. Nice shot!
Beyond The Wall 46:47 Insulted Unnamed Wight "dumb" seaward
Beyond The Wall 47:09 Learned of negative development Realizes the ice has refrozen
Beyond The Wall 47:50 Attacked Unnamed Wight "F*ck it" and goes for the wights
Beyond The Wall 47:51 Injured Unnamed Wight This guy comes back later even though he's in pieces
Beyond The Wall 48:00 Killed Unnamed Wight They're really packing these kills in tightly
Beyond The Wall 48:01 Killed Unnamed Wight Smash to the head
Beyond The Wall 48:20 Attacked by Unnamed Wight Charges the Hound
Beyond The Wall 48:21 Defeated Unnamed Wight in combat Smashes the ice so the wight falls in
Beyond The Wall 48:36 Killed Unnamed Wight F-it and uses his knives
Beyond The Wall 48:37 Killed Unnamed Wight Another knife kill
Beyond The Wall 48:40 Killed Unnamed Wight Kills 1 in the background
Beyond The Wall 48:41 Killed Unnamed Wight Kills 2 in the background
Beyond The Wall 48:42 Killed Unnamed Wight Kills 3 in the background
Beyond The Wall 48:58 Killed Unnamed Wight They're going around the circle killing dead things
Beyond The Wall 49:51 Killed Unnamed Wight Kills one in the foreground
Beyond The Wall 50:07 Killed Unnamed Wight Hack!
Beyond The Wall 50:34 Killed Unnamed Wight Kills the one choking Tormund
Beyond The Wall 50:36 Killed Unnamed Wight Kills the other one choking Tormund
Beyond The Wall 50:47 Killed Unnamed Wight Kills one of the mob
Beyond The Wall 50:56 Killed Unnamed Wight Losing creativity A
Beyond The Wall 51:31 Killed Unnamed Wight Kill 1 (he missed some because he was obscured by Jon... what luck)
Beyond The Wall 51:32 Killed Unnamed Wight Kill 2
Beyond The Wall 51:33 Killed Unnamed Wight Kill 3
Beyond The Wall 51:50 Killed Unnamed Wight Arguably offscreen but look at that scream
Beyond The Wall 52:28 Learned of positive development OMG saved!
Beyond The Wall 53:50 Injured Unnamed Wight Comically slams the captive down on a dragon spike
Beyond The Wall 59:50 Dropped a witty line "I fucking hope not"
The Dragon and the Wolf 08:13 Appeared in the episode
The Dragon and the Wolf 11:13 Insulted Unnamed Human "Fuck off" (to Lannister guard)
The Dragon and the Wolf 11:55 Dropped a witty line "It won't be me."
The Dragon and the Wolf 13:26 Threatened Unnamed Human "Anyone touches it, I'll kill you first"
The Dragon and the Wolf 15:09 Dropped a witty line "Am I going to die in this shit city?"
The Dragon and the Wolf 15:13 Insulted Tyrion Lannister "Seems every bad idea has some Lannister cunt behind it"
The Dragon and the Wolf 16:22 Insulted Ser Gregor "The Mountain That Rides" Clegane "You're even fucking uglier than I am now"
The Dragon and the Wolf 16:34 Threatened Ser Gregor "The Mountain That Rides" Clegane "You know who's coming for you"
The Dragon and the Wolf 22:28 Attacked Unnamed Wight Yanks back the wights chain
The Dragon and the Wolf 22:35 Injured Unnamed Wight Cuts the wight in half
The Dragon and the Wolf 23:36 Injured Unnamed Wight Cuts the wight's arm off