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    citizen of King's Landing, Martha's mother

Episode Event Note
The Bells 67:00 Acted honorably Saves Arya when she has been knocked down in the hurry to escape Daenerys
The Bells 67:00 Appeared in the episode
The Bells 71:51 Advised by Arya Stark "You can't stay here"
The Bells 72:05 Issued a command by Arya Stark "Follow me"
The Bells 72:43 Injured by Unnamed Human A Dothraki rider cuts her down as she Arya and her daughter flee
The Bells 72:51 Issued a command by Arya Stark "Get up!"
The Bells 73:02 Issued a command to Arya Stark "Take here!"
The Bells 77:20 Killed by Drogon