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    A high-ranking member of the Citadel; portrayed by Jim Broadbent

Episode Event Note
Dragonstone 33:17 Appeared in the episode
Dragonstone 33:31 Issued a command to Samwell Tarly Measure this dead guy's liver
Dragonstone 34:04 Insulted Samwell Tarly "Not a very strong proposition is it?"
Dragonstone 35:35 Gave advice to Samwell Tarly Explains the purpose of the maesters to Sam
Dragonstone 36:36 Issued a command to Samwell Tarly Clean up the cadaver
Stormborn 18:30 Appeared in the episode
Stormborn 20:00 Issued a command to Ser Jorah Mormont Jorah has one day before he must leave
Stormborn 20:04 Issued a command to Samwell Tarly "Come, Samwell"
Stormborn 31:40 Issued a command to Samwell Tarly Gives Sam lots of books
Stormborn 32:07 Advised by Samwell Tarly The title isn't good
Stormborn 32:45 Dropped a witty line "Shall I tell you how he died? Greyscale."
The Queen's Justice 47:35 Appeared in the episode
The Queen's Justice 48:50 Issued a command to Samwell Tarly See him in his study this evening
The Queen's Justice 50:45 Praised Samwell Tarly Sam succeeded when others failed
The Queen's Justice 51:25 Issued a command to Samwell Tarly Make copies of manuscripts
Eastwatch 20:28 Appeared in the episode
Eastwatch 20:38 Praised Maester Wolkan "A little timid, but a sharp mind"
Eastwatch 21:26 Advised by Samwell Tarly Describes what Bran survived beyond the Wall, thinks they should consider his message
Eastwatch 21:32 Teased Samwell Tarly "I sense a more detailed proposal is forthcoming?"
Eastwatch 21:50 Manipulated by Samwell Tarly Begins his speech with flattery to make them more amenable to his proposal
Eastwatch 21:50 Advised by Samwell Tarly Describes how the Maesters should tell the lords of the Southron kingdoms to send their men to man the Wall. If the Maesters say it, the people will believe them.
Eastwatch 22:36 Acted honorably He listened to what Sam had to say and considered it before going with what he considered to be a more logical conclusion in his mind that this is a ploy by Daenerys
Eastwatch 23:22 Acted dishonorably Hasn't told Sam about his father and brother's passing out of misguided affection