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    Tycho Nestoris is a banker at the Iron Bank of Braavos

Episode Event Note
The Queen's Justice 31:52 Appeared in the episode
The Queen's Justice 31:59 Praised Queen Cersei Lannister Tommen was a fine boy
The Queen's Justice 32:04 Praised Queen Cersei Lannister "The first queen of the Seven Kingdoms"
The Queen's Justice 32:55 Insulted Queen Cersei Lannister Vocalizes her bankruptcy and bad positioning
The Queen's Justice 33:30 Dropped a witty line "How well do wooden ships fare against dragons?"
The Queen's Justice 33:45 Manipulated by Queen Cersei Lannister Knows how to take advantage of the Braavosi's monetary disposition and risk averseness... to her advantage
The Queen's Justice 34:20 Praised Queen Cersei Lannister "Your father's daughter indeed"
The Spoils of War 06:55 Appeared in the episode
The Spoils of War 07:05 Praised Queen Cersei Lannister Calls her more effective and efficient than her father